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VisLM Plug-In Proves Ideal for Teaching Loudness While Delivering High-quality Production Tools for a Variety of Professional Projects

YORK, ENGLAND, JUNE 25, 2020 – As one of the most prestigious schools in the UK, the University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media equips students with the skills necessary to achieve greatness in the creative industries. An important part of the school’s curriculum focuses on audio recording and delivery. To teach students in its audio programs about loudness compliance and metering, the school relies on NUGEN Audio’s VisLM plug-in.

“We first heard about NUGEN from a commercial client who requested the VisLM software,” says Richard Sykes, technical officer, University of York. “We purchased a copy so they could use it when they came in to mix in our studios. We were immediately impressed with the software and have since incorporated it into the curriculum for our film, television and sound production programs.”

VisLM’s unique loudness meter delivers everything you need – intuitively, accurately and immediately. “The placement of the graphics makes long-form work a lot easier, which is especially important for students to properly understand what’s going on,” adds Sykes. “When you are jumping in and out of various sections, being able to see which bits have problems from the very start is incredibly helpful. VisLM makes it possible for students who are just starting out to understand how loudness works, using the software to quickly identify what’s too loud or too quiet. It’s been really useful for us. We have VisLM on all of our workstations now; a total of about one hundred machines.”

Sykes also finds VisLM’s time-code features to be particularly helpful. “I really like the fact that it provides time-codes of the loudness problem,” he says. “VisLM allows us to update loudness for specific sections. So, when we make changes, we don’t have to play the entire track through.”

With a full set of international and regional presets, VisLM is ready to use immediately. For legacy, station specific or internal specifications, VisLM can be fully configured to handle any situation. This includes detailed expert reporting to simple safety zones and navigable loudness alerts for less experienced operators.

In addition to the quality of its products, Sykes also enjoys the customer service he receives. “The team at NUGEN is very nice to work with,” he adds. “With NUGEN being a local company, we have built a good relationship with them, which is really cool.”

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