NUGEN Audio Heads Back to AES/NAB New York With Array of Immersive Audio Plug-ins

Company Spotlights New Halo Vision Analysis Suite for Surround Workflows, Paragon/Paragon ST and Updates to SigMod

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 4, 2022 NUGEN Audio will highlight its latest plug-in updates to attendees at AES/NAB New York 2022 (AES Booth 152 APP), including the new Halo Vision software and updates to SigMod. Released last month, Halo Vision is a customizable, real-time visual analysis suite designed for 3D, surround and immersive audio workflows. The company will also present its SigMod plug-in, which was recently updated to provide users with greater flexibility within the signal architecture. NUGEN will also showcase its Paragon and Paragon ST convolution reverb solutions, which were released to acclaim in the time since the last in-person AES event.

“After several years away, we are excited to get back on the AES show floor in New York,” says Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe, NUGEN Audio Product Specialist. “We look forward to seeing all the great audio and post professionals from the region and showing them what we have worked on and developed since the last show, especially our immersive audio plug-ins.”

Operating in up to 7.1.2 channels for the AAX, VST3 and AU formats, Halo Vision features a variety of modules that provide audio professionals with a clearer understanding of every sound aspect. Among the available tools are a Correlation Matrix, Correlation Web and Spectrum, as well as expanded versions of NUGEN’s Frequency Haze and Location Haze functions, and a True Peak meter for each channel. These modules all support mix engineers in their decision-making and troubleshooting process, allowing them to pinpoint problem areas that might be missed using ears alone. Halo Vision can be customized, rearranged and resized to suit any specific workflow, making it perfect for a broad spectrum of immersive sound projects, from music to film. NUGEN has also added a Timecode View module to the plug-in, which displays the timecode of a project in hours, minutes, seconds and frames, providing assistance in determining exact locations of errors in a project.

With a focus on creativity, NUGEN’s new version of its SigMod plug-in now includes mono and split-mono modes. There is also a new ‘Split’ module that allows users to switch between stereo and dual-mono formats, providing them with greater flexibility within the signal architecture. NUGEN’s SigMod software provides custom, simple signal architecture with 13 single-process modules to enhance plug-in and DAW functionality. It offers creative ways to work by allowing users to easily insert, swap and move modules to fit to the correction, conversion and tweaking of audio. Included among the available modules are Split, Mid/Side, Protect, Tap, Crossover, Insert, Mute/Solo, Trim, Switch, DC Off-Set, Mono, Phase and Delay.

With purity of sound at the forefront of this plug-in, Paragon operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, while Paragon ST is a mono/stereo-only version of the software. Using state-of-the-art technology, Paragon features spectral analysis and precise EQ of Impulse Responses (IR), which are analyzed, decomposed and re-synthesized to create new authentic spaces. This ensures a small digital footprint for the IR library and makes it possible to configure limitless combinations of spaces with just a few adjustments to the settings. Further, it features individually configurable crosstalk; unique technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs, HPF and LPF; switchable LFE; and browser functions specifically tailored to a wide array of audio applications.

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