Nexon Announces Preseason Early Access for KartRider: Drift Coming in Early 2023

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#kartriderdriftKartRider: Drift, Nexon’s kart racing party game, will be coming to PC and mobile platforms in global Preseason early access beginning January 11, 2023 (PST). Hot on the heels of September’s “Global Racing Test,” racers can earn rewards and challenge other KartRider: Drift players from around the world without losing progress!

Once Preseason is completed, players will be able to experience KartRider: Drift on PlayStation and Xbox with full cross-platform play and progression on PC, mobile, and console.

There’s still time to pre-register to receive Model Student Diz when Preseason begins. Additionally, KartRider: Drift racers can claim platform-exclusive rewards based on what platform they are playing on during Preseason. All the Preseason details and links to KartRider: Drift store pages for the PC or mobile platform of your choice can be found on the game’s official website.

Racers… Start your engines! It’s about to get crowded on the race track!

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NOTE FOR EDITORS: A subtitled developer video interview will be made available on November 10, 2022, with background information on Nexon’s storied KartRider franchise and additional KartRider: Drift details. Please use the press contact email below to request access to the live link for use in your story.

About KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift is Nexon’s new multiplayer kart racing party game, taking inspiration from earlier titles in the franchise, delivering drift-fueled racing action and featuring multiple game modes and deep kart and character customization in stunning Unreal® Engine 4 graphics. Available on Steam, the Nexon Launcher, consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) and mobile (iOS and Android) at launch, KartRider: Drift offers free-to-play, online cross-platform play and progression to challenge friends regardless of the platform they choose.

Launched in 2004, the original KartRider was the first title in Nexon’s legendary kart racing series, and subsequently gained huge popularity in Asia and beyond, amassing more than 380 million players during the eighteen years since release. As a franchise, KartRider has established a strong brand across Asian markets and a huge eSports presence in Korea with an official league starting in 2005. It continues to be the longest-running eSports league to date.

About Nexon America Inc.

Founded in 2005, Nexon America Inc. delivers outstanding free-to-play online game expertise and live game support, taking the strengths of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) and applying them for uniquely western audiences. Nexon America has consistently sustained iconic franchises such as MapleStory and Mabinogi for more than a decade, which have gone on to break records and captivate players. With new projects on the horizon, Nexon America maintains the pioneering and innovative spirit of its parent company, employing its player-first approach, while designing the best possible gameplay experiences for the western market.


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