New Bright Screen Privacy Filters from 3M Help Increase Compliance

Virtually invisible privacy filters for laptops help protect sensitive data on screens without a substantial tradeoff in brightness

ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IT managers can help improve their privacy-policy compliance using new Bright Screen Privacy Filters from 3M for laptops. The filters improve screen brightness by 25 percent on average compared to standard “black” privacy filters. In doing so, the new privacy filters address a top pain point – darkened screens – that can impact viewing experiences and worker usage rates.

Developed with a new nanolouver film technology backed by 11 patents, the 3M Bright Screen Privacy Filters help protect sensitive and confidential data displayed on laptop screens by blackening out angled views of onlookers while remaining virtually invisible for device users. The improved viewing experience helps increase the likelihood that workers use the filters through providing 85% transmission of the device’s brightness. This is ideal for workers in fields like financial services, sales, engineering and graphic design, who spend long hours working with text, tables and graphics.

A recent study by 3M highlighted how the new filters help improve the work experiences and compliance habits of workers*. Among working professionals who used both a Bright Screen Privacy Filter from 3M and a standard “black” privacy filter on identical laptops with identical brightness settings:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 said the 3M Bright Screen Privacy Filter provided a brighter display.
  • 7 in 10 said they wouldn’t have noticed the 3M Bright Screen Privacy Filter if they hadn’t been told it was on their screen.
  • 8 in 10 said they would never feel the need to remove the 3M Bright Screen Privacy Filter.

“It’s long been assumed that you need to sacrifice a good viewing experience for visual privacy when you use a privacy filter,” said David Williams, 3M Global Marketing Manager. “The 3M Bright Screen Privacy Filters dispel that notion, and as a result set a new standard for privacy filters. They deliver the world-class privacy that IT managers need, and the bright and clear screen views that workers want. Now, when a worker attaches a privacy filter to a laptop, the odds are much better that they’ll keep it on, because they’ll hardly know it’s there.”

3M Bright Screen Privacy Filters can strengthen the privacy of both office employees and mobile or hybrid employees who may work in public spaces, where screens can be exposed to more unauthorized individuals. According to McKinsey, about 6 in 10 U.S. job holders now say they can work remotely part- or full-time.

The filters are among the thinnest privacy filters available from 3M, providing consistent touch responsiveness. And they have a matte surface to help reduce glare and hide fingerprints. Being virtually invisible to the user, this revolutionary new privacy filter seamlessly protects users’ onscreen data with no need to remove it.

The Bright Screen Privacy Filters from 3M are currently available for use on a range of laptop models. 3M plans to expand the line to other devices.

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*Survey conducted with 40 working professionals from various industries representing health care, finance, consulting, tech sector, etc. No 3M employees participated in the study. July 2022


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