New Adobe Express for Enterprise Makes It Easy to Accelerate On-Brand Content Creation and Production Across Teams

  • Adobe Express for Enterprise delivers powerful brand control, support for automated content creation and AI-based creation with Firefly Image Model 3, designed to be commercially safe
  • Streamlined interoperability with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat combined with granular brand controls enable organizations to easily create compelling, on-brand visual content
  • Leading enterprises and agencies like IBM, Dentsu and others are turning to Adobe Express for Enterprise to empower marketing, sales, human resources professionals and communications teams to visually communicate more quickly and with greater impact

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced the new Adobe Express for Enterprise, which will empower businesses to accelerate marketing content creation and extend easy, on-brand content production to communications, sales and other business users. Adobe Express for Enterprise is powered by Adobe Firefly Image Model 3, which provides stunning and photorealistic outputs, speed from prompts to generations and is designed to be commercially safe.

The new advances include Brand Controls, Bulk Create, Generate and Firefly Custom Models, enabling marketers to reuse and adapt content for upcoming campaigns and localize campaign assets for different regions. Sales teams can effortlessly create and customize engaging materials for clients and prospects, and internal and external communications teams can design content for stakeholders – quickly and easily.

Adobe Express for Enterprise is seamlessly integrated with Adobe Acrobat, Creative Cloud and AEM Assets, as well as Adobe GenStudio, the company’s forthcoming end-to-end content lifecycle app. Adobe GenStudio enables marketers to reuse existing brand-approved content, generate variations for digital channels, activate content in Adobe and third-party applications and measure content performance. Deeply integrated into Adobe GenStudio, Adobe Express for Enterprise supports the ability to remix approved assets and directly edit content without requiring specialized creative skills.

“With the exponential growth in demand for personalized experiences, companies must find new ways to supercharge the production of content that connects with customers and elevates their brands,” said Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president, Adobe Express Product Group and Creative Cloud Services at Adobe. “Adobe Express for Enterprise is the only solution that brings together enterprise-grade brand management, intuitive tools, advanced AI designed to be safe for business and seamless workflows with world-class creative apps – empowering individuals across the enterprise to produce more impactful, on-brand content faster than ever before.”

Global Brands and Agencies Increase Speed and Efficiency with Adobe Express for Enterprise

IBM marketing teams are personalizing content using Adobe Express for Enterprise. According to Jonathan Adashek, senior vice president, marketing and communications at IBM, “Marketers are looking for trusted AI that seamlessly integrates into their work. Adobe Express for Enterprise is empowering marketers at IBM to create on-brand content aligned to business objectives that delivers compelling, personalized experiences to targeted audiences.”

IBM Consulting is partnering with Adobe to help clients leverage Firefly-powered workflows in Express to create commercially safe content with unprecedented ease and speed and modernize their content supply chains. Clients can expect to see a 30% increase in project capacity and 70% reduction in time to market by distributing creative production tasks across a more diverse team of professionals while delivering more personalized, brand-compliant, digital assets at scale. Adobe Express for Enterprise will also empower IBM’s Consultants to make on-brand content by quickly applying fonts, colors, logos and images to marketing materials.

Other large brands and agencies using Adobe Express to create on-brand content faster and more efficiently include:

  • Dentsu, one of the largest global marketing and advertising agency networks in the world, saw a 70% faster time to market by empowering marketers to self-serve.
  • Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions, is using Adobe Express in its marketing organization. Leveraging Adobe Express templates, marketers can create their own assets on demand and rapidly scale up for digital campaigns, product marketing and events. Empowering marketers with Adobe Express enables Red Hat to accomplish in minutes what used to take days. The integration between Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Express streamlines Red Hat’s design workflow, giving creative teams more bandwidth to design new ways of engaging customers.
  • Owen Jones, a brand experience agency, saw a 40%-time savings on content versioning when clients were able to make self-serve changes with Adobe Express.

Adobe’s own marketing and communications teams are also using Adobe Express for Enterprise across a variety of use cases. According to Stacy Martinet, vice president, marketing strategy and communications at Adobe, the social media team is leveraging Adobe Express templates from the creative studio to make and activate more content quicker, which also enables the team to test and optimize content at a much faster pace. As a result, the team has increased time to market by 12X, improved engagement by 35% and reduced costs by 17% while saving hundreds of hours annually.

Using Adobe Express for Enterprise, Adobe’s sales team also has reduced delivery time for client assets from two to three weeks to just 30 minutes, helping them close deals and realize revenue faster.

Fast, Efficient Content Creation – Powered by AI Designed to be Safe for Business

Adobe Express features powered by Firefly generative AI models are designed to be safe for business so enterprises can deploy the app broadly with confidence. Firefly-powered advances like Text to Image, Text to Template, Text Effects, Generative Fill and other features like auto-translate, are deeply integrated into Adobe Express workflows, enabling marketers to deliver campaigns faster, instantly generating, translating and customizing production-ready assets and creating endless variations in just a few clicks at greater scale and lower costs.

Starting today, Firefly Image Model 3 is available directly in Adobe Express – the latest Adobe image model delivering stunning advancements that unlock unprecedented quality, control and variety of output through new features. For example, users can upload reference images and use Firefly to generate new images based on the style, mood, lighting, layout or composition of the reference images with a simple prompt.

Adobe offers enterprise customers IP indemnification for imagery generated with Firefly, giving brands additional assurance. To provide transparency around the use of generative AI in the creative process, Content Credentials are automatically attached to digital content created or edited with Firefly in Adobe Express, providing a digital nutrition label that builds trust with audiences.

Coming soon, Firefly Custom Models will be available in Adobe Express so enterprise customers can create bespoke Firefly models to generate images with stronger brand identity across tools, teams and marketing touchpoints.

Bulk Create and Generate will allow marketers to create design variations – including generate images – in seconds. Marketers will also be able to leverage generate copy to create and test messaging performance and adapt to channels and design types at the speed of AI.

On-Brand Content for Everyone in the Enterprise

The new advances in Adobe Express for Enterprise enable everyone to stay on-brand. With template locking and style controls, brand stewards can share approved content for others to re-use, localize or make last-mile edits. Interoperability between Adobe Express, Photoshop and Illustrator bridges creative and marketing workflows, keeping assets on brand and always up to date. Starting today, leaders can also leverage template controls and Firefly Custom Models to curate access to assets and templates as well as lock important brand elements.

With support from Projects, teams can collaborate efficiently by sharing brand assets, libraries, files and more in a dedicated space. For non-marketers, Adobe Express for Enterprise makes it fast and easy to remove backgrounds, convert to a GIF, generate QR images or make explainer videos, flyers, presentations, banners or social posts. Enterprise employees can also leverage new presentation and enhanced print capabilities.

Everyone in the enterprise can level up their presentations, reports, cover sheets and more with Adobe Express for Enterprise and Adobe Acrobat. It’s simple to access Adobe Express features and capabilities from Adobe Acrobat, including a collection of professionally designed templates and Adobe Stock images, videos, or music tracks to quickly create high-quality content.

Adobe is also working with Microsoft to develop Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot to unlock new levels of creativity and productivity for employees. When it launches, the extension will empower everyone to easily create on-brand content within Microsoft 365 apps with a simple prompt –from engaging videos, animations, social, banners, flyers and more – directly in the Copilot chat and without disrupting their workflows.

Save the Date

Adobe will share more about these latest innovations and how Adobe Express is supercharging content creation and production across leading brands and agencies at an Adobe Express for Enterprise virtual event on June 11.

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