Neustreet Becomes First Company to Designate Global Headquarters in the Metaverse

Detroit, Michigan–(Newsfile Corp. – June 24, 2021) – Collectech startup Neustreet has become the first company to officially designate their global headquarters in the metaverse. As virtual worlds become a more relevant channel for traditional businesses, Neustreet has decided to build their headquarters in the Ethereum-based virtual world of Cryptovoxels.

Neustreet, Inc. is a media and data company that aims to be as widely used in modern collectible markets like sneakers, trading cards, and NFTs, as Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg are in the financial markets. By providing the right tools and information to collectors, Neustreet enables people to make better decisions about the things they love.

Neustreet founder Eric Witschen previously led product, engineering, content and data teams at financial technology giants Bloomberg and Benzinga. With Neustreet, he saw an opportunity to provide a similar data aggregation service for collectibles and alternative assets.

“I’m a lifelong researcher and collector of cultural items, from NFTs to baseball cards. Regardless of whether you buy and sell collectibles for a living or intend to pass them on to the next generation, you have to make smart decisions with your limited resources. I view the explosive growth in modern collectibles as the most exciting frontier in fintech. But as a collector myself I also know that these items often mean so much more than the money they represent. Neustreet was the perfect opportunity to connect my professional expertise to my personal passions,” commented Eric Witschen. 

Neustreet’s Global HQ exists on the Cryptovoxels ‘island’ of Little Ceres. This virtual real estate was purchased by Neustreet and the value of the asset is recorded on the company’s balance sheet. ‘Neustreet HQ‘ is a three story digital structure that is being built by the Neustreet team. The first floor is an open plan office that doubles as co-working space for anyone looking to learn more about Neustreet or research their favorite collectible. The second floor is a virtual gallery of NFTs and digital art and the third floor is a space where Neustreet plans to host events for a broader community of artists, creators, and collectors. Neustreet HQ is open to the public 24/7.

“One of the most exciting things we’re seeing at Neustreet is the blurring of lines between physical and digital, and we love the promise of openness and global access that these virtual worlds provide. Neustreet HQ is a place that allows our global community of collectors to come together and connect virtually,” said Eric Witschen. “People who visit our new global headquarters will see how serious we are about our vision for the future and understand who we are at the core. I can see a time in the very near future where every company has a virtual headquarters in addition to a physical headquarters.”

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