Neeva Announces Public Availability of its Ads Free, Private Search Engine

Neeva Delivers a Uniquely Personalized Subscription-Based Service Built Entirely Around the Customer

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neeva, the first ads-free, private subscription search engine, announced today the availability of its search product in the U.S.. Starting today, consumers can now go to for a free three-month trial. Following the free trial, users can subscribe for $4.95 per month.

The current state of search is broken. Mainstream search engines no longer primarily serve the customer. They are littered with advertisements, burying organic search results far below the fold. What started as a well-intentioned way to organize the world’s information has turned into a business focusing most of its resources on monetizing clicks to support advertisers.

Neeva is search reimagined — ads-free, private, and customizable. This all starts with flipping the traditional business model from an ads-based to a subscription-based service that is 100 percent focused on providing the best search experience for the consumer. Neeva delivers more relevant results and higher quality content. It blocks third-party trackers. And by connecting Neeva to email accounts, calendars, and cloud storage platforms, users can surface information that is most valuable to them without sacrificing privacy.

Moreover, Neeva supports the content ecosystem. Rather than being a toll collector for the web’s content, Neeva is strongly pro-publisher and is committed to creating revenue opportunities for content creators. Neeva will share at least 20% of topline revenue with content creator partners when their content is used to directly answer a Neeva customer’s query.

“Neeva was built on the premise that search should focus on the consumer, and only the consumer, not advertisers,” said Sridhar Ramaswamy, CEO, and Co-Founder, Neeva. “Search results should always prioritize finding the best answer to a consumer’s query — not on selling ads or tracking behavior online. Today’s launch of our subscription-based model is the first step in providing a viable search alternative for consumers, built on trust and transparency.”

Neeva puts the customer at the center of everything. From online shopping to searching old emails, every feature is designed with the customer in mind.

  • Ads-free: up to 40% of search results on the major search engine are advertisements. Neeva delivers 100% ads-free, real search results, allowing consumers to find what they want, without ads getting in the way.
  • Browse safely and privately: Neeva’s browser extension, compatible with all major browsers, prevents trackers from following consumers. Neeva never sells or shares consumer data with anyone. It’s part of Neeva’s privacy promise. And individuals can search anonymously in incognito mode.
  • Customize search results: Consumers can choose the retailers they love and news sources they want to see results from. Neeva users can stay up-to-date on everything from stock picks to the status of packages for delivery on their homepage.
  • Get expert recommended shopping results: Neeva allows users to discover the very best products aggregated in one place, and easily read through reviews from reputable sites and verified customers.
  • Search the web — and personal accounts: To make searching even more convenient, consumers can sync personal email, calendar, and documents so they can find everything they need from one search bar.
  • Support content creators with search queries: Neeva is committed to sharing at least 20% of topline revenue with content creator partners when their content is used to directly answer a Neeva customer’s query. Not only is Neeva committed to paying content creator partners, the company is working on a set of features to make it easy for content creators to establish direct relationships with Neeva customers. For example, Neeva customers will be able to easily subscribe to email newsletters directly from a search results page. Neeva is already working with Medium and Quora and in the process of establishing robust and diverse partnerships from news to food to travel and beyond.

Neeva provides a browser based extension, compatible with all major browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari. It runs across all devices and is available via an iOS app.

About Neeva:

Neeva is the world’s first ads-free, private subscription search engine. Neeva focuses entirely on the consumer, delivering only real, high quality, trustworthy results. Neeva blocks third-party website trackers, and will never sell or share customer data with any third party, especially advertisers. Neeva also makes it easy to search within personal email accounts, calendars, and cloud storage platforms surfacing the most important information from the same familiar search box. Neeva was founded by former executives from Google and YouTube.



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