NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas’ Fast-Growing Production Company, Slow Grind Media, Debuts Slow Grind Publishing

Thomas’ Next Dish is a New Book Highlighting Pacific Northwest Basketball Culture

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Slow Grind Media, the media production firm founded and led by NBA-All Star Isaiah Thomas, announces its expansion into the publishing world with Slow Grind Publishing. Slow Grind Publishing will play a critical role in bringing important stories through digital and physical mediums that pull back the curtain on the intersection of sport, culture and storytelling.

Hoops Heist written by Jon Finkel, will be the first offering under Slow Grind Publishing providing an in-depth look at the rich history, passion and transcendence of the Pacific Northwest’s basketball scene. The book will revolve around Seattle, the Super Sonics and the legendary players who came from the region and inspired Isaiah Thomas and thousands of other hoopers.

I started Slow Grind Media because video and film is a passion I have developed over time as I realized that there are important stories to be told in a bold way,” remarked Isaiah Thomas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Slow Grind Media. “I wanted to bring a fresh perspective into sports and culture. Now with Slow Grind Publishing, we will be able to deliver the type of content we are known for through text with a distinct voice that only a company with the vision Slow Grind has can produce.”

Slow Grind Media was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing high-quality video content that focused intensely on telling the stories behind the subjects they follow. Since Slow Grind Media’s founding, it has produced films such as The Book of Isaiah and The Book of Isaiah II, which won a 2018 Webby Award. Slow Grind Publishing is a natural iteration of the media and production company’s growth as it builds its audiences and engages in all verticals to tell powerful stories that matter.

Slow Grind Media and Slow Grind Publishing reflect the essence of Isaiah’s career. In working with him for more than a decade, we have poured much of our time and energy in seeking out and crafting the best content we can, fueled off of passion and hard work,” offered TJ Regan, Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Slow Grind Media. “Now, we’re expanding our content and telling new stories. We are excited for what’s on the horizon.”

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About Slow Grind Media

Slow Grind Media, based in Seattle, WA, is a film production company founded by NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas. The production firm has produced award-winning films such as The Book of Isaiah and the Book of Isaiah II. The firm utilizes industry-standard equipment and top-tier talent to produce distinct stories through film and TV.

About Slow Grind Publishing

Slow Grind Publishing is the publishing arm of Slow Grind Media which provides financing and oversight for the firm’s efforts in the print space. Slow Grind Publishing is led by NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas.


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