Naturally Slim Launches New Mobile App With Advanced Capabilities to Optimize User Experience

New NS Mobile App offers enhanced tools and features to provide an optimized ‘on-the-go’ experience, increase engagement and improve long-term population health

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Naturally Slim® (NS), a digital behavioral health company focused on mind-body weight management and diabetes prevention within the employer-sponsored space, today announced the launch of its new NS Mobile App. The new app features an elevated and user-friendly UX design, which will drive participant engagement and improve overall population health for employers.

As many employees continue to navigate the negative side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including weight gain and heightened levels of stress and anxiety, they are in need of real-world solutions that help combat the stresses of day-to-day life. Serving as a digital health tool ‘in their pockets,’ the NS Mobile App will help people stay committed to their health goals by making the company’s clinically-proven, online behavior-change platform even more accessible. Further enhancing NS’ impact, the NS Mobile App will enable employees to remain resilient and better manage any potential threats to their overall wellbeing. Its convenience and in-the-moment user experience is ideal for people ‘on-the-go’ and makes it easier for participants to reach their health improvement goals anywhere and at any time.

“In a time of social distancing and remote work, it’s critical that consumers have tools to help them meet their health and wellness goals,” said Kendall Ramirez, Chief Product Officer, Naturally Slim. “We built our app to make the overall experience more intuitive and easier to use, helping participants develop the skills they need to stay healthy. We’ve seen our online program serve as a catalyst for transformative results, and now, with the help of our mobile app, we’re enabling even more people to successfully take control of their health for the long term.”

To further support NS participants on their health and wellness journeys, the app will provide an ‘on-the-go’ experience beyond the online platform that keeps participants connected, no matter where they are, and on track to meet their mental and physical health goals. With the potential to help participants lose up to 30% more weight, the mobile app offers new features, which are aligned with user feedback, including:

  • Fresh look and feel. A simplified, intuitive dashboard with easy access to all the main features participants need to reach their health goals;
  • A more engaging experience. Features, such as just-in-time feedback and push notifications, keep participants engaged and on track;
  • Educational onboarding. Teaches users the science behind weight loss and helps them get acquainted with the app so they get the most out of their NS experience;
  • Enhanced video features. Video enhancements include NS’ most requested feature—rewind by 10-second intervals. Viewing is more enjoyable and skill-building is even easier;
  • Interactive, skill-building tools. Advanced features and interactive practice tools, such as the 10-5-10 eating timer and skills quizzes, help participants hone in on their NS skills in real-life settings, stay engaged, and form long-term health improvement habits;
  • Goal setting and achievement interactions. Enables participants to set goals and monitor progress using the weight and activity tracking tools, while also encouraging participants to work towards their goals with ongoing achievement interactions;
  • Access to experts. The intuitive dashboard provides complete access to all video lessons from NS’ team of clinical experts, even when on-the-go;
  • Community engagement. Allows users to connect with their community of participant peers and NS certified coaches to ask questions, share experiences and receive support through NSTown.

In recent months, while 76% of Americans said they’ve gained weight—with some reporting as much as 16 pounds–during quarantine, NS data shows that its active participants saw opposite results. Totaling over 200,000 pounds between February and June of this year, participants have achieved significant weight loss and also developed skills beyond willpower, improving their overall mental health and wellbeing. In fact, NS participants reported that 70.1% increased their physical activity, 60.3% gained overall confidence and 58.0% improved their overall moods. Now, with access to NS’ enhanced mobile app, participants will have even greater access to NS’ clinically-based curriculum, clinical experts, and NSTown community in the palm of their hands, unlike ever before.

To learn more about how the NS Mobile App can help participants remain motivated to reach their health improvement goals, and how it can improve overall population health for employers, visit:

The new NS Mobile App will replace the prior version, and it can be downloaded via the Apple App Store here and the Google Play Store here.

About Naturally Slim (NS)

NS is a digital behavior change program that focuses on improving the physical and mental health of employees and plan members across America. Although the name does not convey it, NS is much more than a weight loss program. With NS, participants learn the skills needed to sustain clinically meaningful weight loss, lower stress, sleep better, and move more—all without the hefty price tag of traditional health coach-centric programs. Simply put, NS is the single most cost-effective way for plan sponsors to reduce obesity-related disease and foster resilience in populations, helping employers and health plans do the most good for the most people. You can learn more at


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