NativeWaves Partners With DekTec To Create FFmpeg Support For DekTec Cards

The DekTec DTA-2178 SDI cards have allowed NativeWaves to meet its exacting quality standards, without compromise

Close collaboration between Austrian solutions provider NativeWaves and DekTec, a supplier of PC add-on cards, has resulted in product improvements that are benefitting both companies.

NativeWaves spent more than a year searching for a replacement SDI capture card when the cards it was using failed to meet its high standards for audio quality. The search eventually led to Netherlands-based DekTec, who were able to adapt their line of existing SDI cards to suit NativeWaves’ requirements.

“It was a major problem and one that was affecting our ability to deliver our latest product, NativeWaves EXP,” says Christof Haslauer, NativeWaves CEO. “The SDI capture card with FFmpeg support plays a vital role in our AVcoder product, which enables broadcasters and streaming services to seamlessly deliver the NativeWaves EXP experience to their viewers. We couldn’t allow audio distortion to ruin that experience, so we had to find an alternative.”

DekTec, a company with more than 20 years’ experience of designing PC interface adapters for the professional digital television market, solved the problem by adding FFmpeg support to its SDI PCIe cards.

The company’s founder and CEO, Sito Dekker, says: “We were very happy to work with NativeWaves to provide FFmpeg support to our products to meet their high quality requirements. This solution will not only be useful to NativeWaves, but also to many of our other customers.”

NativeWaves will be showcasing NativeWaves EXP in Hall 5 at IBC 2022 on booth D54. Powered by a dedicated low latency streaming platform, coupled with a highly customizable experience framework, this exciting product enhances today’s standard broadcast and streaming experience by giving audiences the chance to explore a wealth of additional content. Viewers can choose an enhanced event-centric experience on smartphone, tablet or mirrored to the TV, offering additional camera angles, audio tracks, instant replays, social media integration etc. including full on-screen navigation. In addition, NativeWaves EXP can be used and configured as a second screen experience that complements the main TV screen by offering additional personalized content and data on the mobile screen – all perfectly synchronized to the main screen via the audio.

“We are really pleased that NativeWaves EXP has found a capture card that actually matches its high performance credentials,” Haslauer says. “The DekTec cards are much more reliable and stable compared to the cards we used before, and this collaboration was not only enjoyable but also proved to be very rewarding.”

About NativeWaves GmbH
Established in Salzburg, Austria in 2016, NativeWaves delivers an engaging and immersive media experience to audiences around the world. Using cutting edge technology, NativeWaves has brought easy to use, advanced streaming solutions to the broadcast, e-sport and live entertainment industries. With easy access to reliable and perfectly synced multistream, video, audio and data encodings, broadcasters and event organisers can now offer audiences a best-in-class, personalised entertainment experience that will significantly enhance consumer enjoyment of live sports and events.

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