NativeWaves EXP Redefines the Fan Engagement Experience for Mobile, In-Venue and Home Entertainment

The perfect upgrade to today’s broadcast or streaming services, NativeWaves EXP enhances the viewing experience to help drive adoption, subscriber growth and advertising revenue.

NativeWaves has announced the launch of NativeWaves EXP, a new offering that enhances today’s standard broadcast and streaming experience by giving audiences the chance to explore a wealth of additional content at their leisure in order to dive deeper into the action.

Powered by a dedicated low latency streaming platform coupled with a highly customizable experience framework, NativeWaves EXP enables deeper fan and audience engagement across numerous types of content, programming and live events. Viewers can choose an enhanced event-centric experience on smartphone, tablet or mirrored to the TV, offering additional camera angles, audio tracks, instant replays, social media integration etc. including full on-screen navigation.

In addition, NativeWaves EXP can be used and configured as a second screen experience. This complements the main TV screen by offering additional personalized content and data on the mobile screen – all perfectly synchronized to the main screen via the audio without requiring watermarking of the original broadcast audio signal. Driving this kind of real-time engagement enables new business models leveraging highly targeted advertising for incremental revenue streams.

Whether your audiences are following a favourite soccer player or Formula 1 driver or are in the crowd during a live event and longing for a close-up of their favourite musician, NativeWaves EXP will deliver more than they ever thought possible, inspiring them to explore new views and angles instantly and on demand. This all-encompassing experience allows audiences to maximize their enjoyment and be thoroughly immersed in the experience without being overwhelmed.

By combining the proven NativeWaves streaming platform with a new experience framework that allows broadcasters and streaming providers to easily integrate new features into their existing streaming offering, NativeWaves EXP addresses a gap in the strategy of these companies: Deciding whether to stay with an existing product that works but misses the market on new fan engagement experiences or to completely redevelop a new product represents a key problem of this time and NativeWaves EXP solves this problem.

The combination of the NativeWaves streaming platform with the new experience framework adds these much-needed new features while integrating with minimum friction. NativeWaves EXP is also a plan for the future. Adding next-generation AR/VR features or expanding the fan engagement experiences to different sports and events is already built into the architecture.

“There is no doubt that deepening the real-time fan and audience engagement experience is the next frontier for broadcasters and OTT services,” says Christof Haslauer, CEO and Co-Founder of NativeWaves. “With NativeWaves EXP, we are offering a simple and low-cost enhancement to the standard broadcast or streaming experiences available today. Events will appeal to a younger demographic in a completely new way by adding views and informational data that match today’s expectations – live or on demand.”

Haslauer adds that the seamless integration of NativeWaves’ solution across various viewing environments will make the label ‘powered by NativeWaves EXP’ an indispensable asset for entertainment events in the future.

“Simply ‘watching TV’ or ‘being there’ is no longer good enough because what audiences want is a personalized content-centric experience,” he says. “This is what drives engagement which in turn will ultimately strengthen subscriber retention and advertising growth.”

All these features can be seamlessly combined into a fan viewing experience offered by a sports team, a sports league, live event provider, broadcaster or streaming service without modifications to the existing service. To get the best experience, dedicated app integration is facilitated through an SDK that adds the NativeWaves EXP functionality to an existing look and feel.

NativeWaves EXP is available now for easy integration into existing broadcast and OTT streaming ecosystems featuring three options: NativeWaves Basic, Pro and Enterprise.
The Basic option includes a powerful and vastly improved low latency streaming experience that starts from an existing broadcast program feed and adds interactivity such as on-demand replays. This option is completely independent and incremental to existing distribution paths and instantly delivers new monetization opportunities such as banner ads, betting integration, affiliate marketing, ticketing, fantasy/gaming. Customers are usually up and running within one week (for web-based streaming) and can deploy NativeWaves EXP via a web-based experience on most common browsers and mobile platforms and/or via an SDK-based app integration.

The Pro option can deliver a multi-camera experience, allowing users to select camera angles on demand. The app can also be utilised as a second screen, using NativeWaves patented multi-screen sync technology to synchronise connected mobile devices to the main television.

NativeWaves EXP Enterprise allows customers to take full control of the integration and utilise the EXP features that they want in their own existing streaming app, leveraging NativeWaves shared libraries and engineering support.
Partners that have already deployed services using the NativeWaves experience include ProSiebenSat.1, Sport1 and Samsung Electronics in Germany, which are offering a variety of sports events such as the current seasons of the DTM, Bundesliga 2nd division and Korean K-League soccer, as well as the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup and others. NativeWaves is also part of the IBC Media Fan Engagement Accelerator Project which aims to showcase remote production using 5G and delivering personalised viewing experiences to audiences in the stadium and at home.

For more information, video demonstrations and updates on where to experience NativeWaves EXP first-hand, please go to where you will also be able to request the NativeWaves EXP white paper.

About NativeWaves
NativeWaves provides broadcasters, OTT service providers and production companies with the tools to deliver the most interesting camera views from the action, supported by multiple audio feeds and up-to-the-minute data, all in perfect sync, to the viewers mobile device, delivering a personalized viewing experience like never before.

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