NAB 2023: Assimilate’s Mazze Aderhold


Assimilate has released Live FX 9.6, real-time VFX software designed for LED wall-based virtual production workflows and advanced greenscreen live compositing. Mazze walks us through some Live FX features such as image-based lighting, projection mapping, and virtual-set extensions.

Price and Availability

Starting at $345.00 (USD), Assimilate Live FX 9.6 is available immediately for purchase and download at

About Assimilate

As the leading provider of cutting-edge post-production software and tools, Assimilate® develops and offers advanced, real-time tools for on-set and post-production workflows that deliver groundbreaking features, speed, performance, flexibility, and stability for industry professionals. The recently launched Live FX Studio is a state-of-the-art live compositor, shipping with projection mapping, camera tracking, DMX control for image-based lighting and the latest green-screen keying technology for virtual production. Live Assist is the multi-cam VTR tool for video assist, offering support for any number of cameras, any resolution, with easy green-screen comp and local-clip server functionality. Live Looks is the optimum tool for live grading and direct-look creation with an instant connection to Assimilate’s Scratch software for live streaming and keying capabilities. Used by DITs and post artists worldwide, Scratch VR is known for its advanced on-set and post-production tools that offer stability, speed and metadata support for any camera format, including 2D/3D/VR. Play Pro Studio is the go-to solution for a professional player for VFX-reviews, ProRes RAW QC and genuine ProRes transcoding on Windows.

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