Modern Machines Energizes Crowds with Original Songs Created Using KRK Studio Monitors

If there’s one thing Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, and musical artist Dimitry Mak, aka Modern Machines, needs when he’s in the studio, it’s trust―in his gear and himself. As a self-taught producer, he trusts his gut in the studio, crafting songs that naturally sound and feel good to him. The artist started his musical journey playing in heavier rock and hardcore bands, only DJing while not on tour. But there was a natural progression to being a DJ full-time, transferring his skills from one type of musician to another. Known most commonly by his stage name, Modern Machines loves the control and fun of being a DJ. Before he can bring the energy to esteemed venues all over the world, however, he puts in the work in his home studio. Modern Machines trusts his KRK RP8 ROKIT G4 White Noise Studio Monitors for reliable sound and audio quality when creating new music.

Pictured: Dimitry “Modern Machines” Mak with his KRK ROKIT G4 White Noise Studio Monitors

“I’ve been using KRKs since I started producing music. The ROKITs have been with me from my first song to my latest songs with millions of streams. I’m always able to hear what I’m working on perfectly. The monitors are also very accessible; they’re used across so many levels of professionalism, from pros to amateurs and bedroom producers. KRKs hit where you want them to hit, they’re familiar, and they just have the best price and quality.”

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