Moa Munoz Couldn’t be “Happier” With KRK Studio Monitors

Bassist for Olivia Rodrigo Relies on V-Series Studio Monitors for Consistent, True-to-sound Audio

LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 24, 2023 ― Swedish bassist and songwriter for visual media Moa Munoz has aspired to be a rockstar for as long as she can remember. With a degree from the Musician’s Institute and touring experience with the indie band Bay Ledges, she has been able to turn that dream into a reality. Today, Munoz is the bassist for pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo and Indonesian singer/songwriter NIKI, and recently wrapped a number of performances on NIKI’s Asia tour. Now back in the studio, Munoz plans to finish crafting her sound for television and film projects and teaching the newest generation of young female bassists.

Munoz’s studio sits tucked in a Los Angeles neighborhood, which she has stocked with KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Studio Monitors for all her visual media work. “This is where I write and teach, where I record my vocals and scream my lungs out,” she says. “I wanted monitors that would be completely accurate―when I write music for film and television, it’s a lot of fun, bouncy basslines mixed with my super bratty, confident vocals. The ROKITs give me a very true sound every single time. Whether I pull up my vocals here or in a different studio, I know they’ll be accurate.”

Even when she’s on the road, Munoz doesn’t want to slow down her mixing work. “I’m a workaholic, and I love what I do,” she explains, “I don’t always write as much when I’m on tour, but I still have my gear with me. I will usually bring my MESA Subway D-350 Ultra-Compact Bass Amp and 2×10 Subway Diagonal Bass Cabinet; the head is so compact that it’s easy for me to bring wherever. But even if I can’t travel with that amp, one great thing about my ROKITs is that the sound quality holds up in the low-end to practice bass: it’s awesome. When I’m on tour, I’ll only bring a very basic set-up because I still need to be able to meet short deadlines and set up in a hotel room or in the back of the bus. I’m looking forward to trying out the KRK GoAux Portable Monitor System for that exact reason.”

After wrapping another tour of rumbly, pop-rock shows, Munoz can’t help but reflect on her journey as an artist. “It really feels like everything has come full circle for me,” she says. “One of my earliest introductions to music was seeing Mötley Crüe live in concert, with Nikki Sixx shredding on a Gibson Thunderbird Bass. After moving to the U.S. as a broke college student, I was using old, gifted KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors. Now, I have my very own Thunderbird, which my tech Skitch and I are so pumped to take on tour, and I’m able to rely on my brand-new KRK ROKITs for my professional production work. I’m just super excited to work with such iconic brands from such an amazing company―the 15-year-old in me is screaming! To now be a part of the Gibson and KRK family is so cool.”

Learn more about Moa Munoz and her work on Instagram at @givememoa.

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