Millionaire Dating Site Millionaire Match Launches Blood Drive Campaign to Help Meet Needs During Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID 19 , Coronavirus pandemic is taxing the global healthcare system. One area where this is soon to be felt very strongly is in a shortage of blood donors. Stepping up to help is leading millionaire dating website Millionaire Match who are enthusiastically launching a Blood Drive campaign to help.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It is quite impossible to spend anytime following the news without seeing the growing impact the Coronavirus is having from one end of the world to the other. This makes it quite clear that while governments will do the best they can to meet the pandemic head on, there is a need for help from other sectors of society as well. In that spirit, the #1 millionaire dating website in the world Millionaire Match recently announced exciting news. Wanting to use the website’s reach to help people in need, Millionaire Match recently announced a BLOOD DRIVE CAMPAIGN for those who donate blood during this crisis.

“Hospitals need blood on hand to operate or people could lose their lives,” commented Johnny Du, the Chief Operating Officer of Millionaire Match. “We are a website about building positive connections that lead to joy, happiness, and fulfillment. If we can do even a small things like our Blood Drive Campaign to help in this crisis we certainly will do our best.”

People can go online or visit the nearest blood hospital to complete the blood donation. Millionaire Match will award 1 free month of PREMIUM membership to those people who donate blood. And their profile will be tagged with a unique logo. Millionaire Match takes users’ privacy very seriously. Only the hospital documentation including name, location and the donation date is required to prove you complete the blood donation.

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