Meet The Newest Tracklib Feature BEATS, Adding Beats To Loops For Instant Inspiration

As any producer knows, sampling doesn’t start in the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Digging for samples is as important as any loop or chop. Some have the perfect ear for it and hear something new just as the needle hits the record, but for most, the magic isn’t there until the sample is heard in a new context. Now with Tracklib’s new BEATS feature, users can add beats to any sample they find in Tracklib’s catalog of more than 100,000+ original tracks.

Tracklib BEATS is here to improve and encourage the creative process of producing new songs. Users start by looping any song discovered in Tracklib’s music catalog. This unique feature uses machine learning to find perfect loops in any song, from any decade or genre. Next, creators simply add a beat to get a feel for what the sample could sound like. Tracklib built a real drum machine into their music player that can play beats with any loop. 

“At Tracklib, we’re always thinking about how to modernize sampling,” said Oskar Sundberg, CPO at Tracklib. “This is not a drum loop–we’ve actually built our own drum machine that is playing each sound in the background, in the same exact tempo as the song. With beat detection based on machine learning that is directly following the song, even with tempo changes, our loop and beat features take crate digging into the next generation.

“Just a basic kick can add groove to many old tracks. It’s like bringing a drum machine to a dusty record store.”

The feature introduces four beats, each based on a popular genre: Classic Bap, Trap Essentials, Early House, and a Simple Kick. More beats will be added continuously. The Beat settings allows you to adjust the tempo from half (½X) to the original (1X) to double (2X) beat tempo. Additionally, a simple sidechaining feature known as “ducking” lowers the sample volume when the kick drum hits. Users can save their loop with the beat to their favorites or add to any of their collections. 

”Tracklib BEATS is an extension of our vision: to liberate creativity,” said Pär Almqvist, Tracklib CEO & Co-founder. “It’s a powerful tool for both professional and amateur music producers, making it possible for anyone to instantly create a unique sound based on a sample from our vast catalog of original music.”

BEATS helps users recontextualize what they hear. Pressing the download button generates a perfect loop, ready to be used as is or further modified in a DAW or any other music production software.

“The technology powering our loop and beat player is unique and technically on the same level as many modern DAWs, but accessible right in your web browser,” Sundberg said. “We can’t wait to hear what our users will do with this feature. And this is just the first step. We’re now looking at several more advanced features, including advanced sample chopping.”

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