Premieres New Technology to Proactively Monitor Your Health While Carrying out Your Daily Routines

-New AI toilet-based infrastructure passively gathers comprehensive
data to help individuals and care providers identify health and wellness

PROVO, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#OpportunityZone– (,
a pioneer in the advancement of science to support wellness, has
developed technology to monitor key health and wellness indicators
during every bathroom stop. Since 1999, Medic has been perfecting new
technology for an AI toilet that gathers wellness data and identifies
trends, with no disruption to users’ daily routines.

Medic’s products are currently in late alpha testing and moving into
clinical trials. Within 2-3 years the company anticipates making the
products commercially available to care providers, facilities and
individuals. The technology offers proactive, continual insights into
the health and well-being of individuals, and gathers helpful
information for doctors, staff and loved ones.

David Hall, Medic’s founder, notes modern health care is geared to the
paradigm of treating illness, as opposed to identifying trends that can
strengthen wellness and protect against disease in advance. For example:

“The digital health revolution is here and making it progressively
easier for people and their health advisors to get vital information so
they can help avoid becoming ill and needing treatment,” said Hall. “We
are creating the means to be proactive instead of reactive with

Medic Lav The Medic Lav is a high-quality smart toilet that
currently gathers four health metrics passively during each bathroom
visit and uses AI to analyze them. Fifteen additional health metrics are
under development. The company expects that once the Medic platform is
in place, scientists from all over the world will be able to develop
apps and transducers on the foundational technology that will bring
hundreds of new advances to improve the health and wellness of

The Lav is motion-activated and recognizes each user. Some of the
built-in transducers under development have the potential to analyze
human waste and other bodily functions to identify abnormal trends when
symptoms show up. The self-cleaning AI toilet integrates a bidet, heated
seat, air dryer and fume extractor. Medic has more than 60 patents and
patent applications supporting this ground-breaking technology.

Medic App The Medic app allows participants to access personal
health trends and provides alerts, if desired, via their smart phone,
watch or computer (Android and iOS supported). Medic’s data and trends
are encrypted and HIPAA compliant to insure privacy. Individuals can
choose to securely deliver Medic’s trending information to their doctor,
family and health care providers. This information can also be
integrated into their personal health records.

“Medic has the potential to be a multi-billion-dollar participant in the
health care industry,” said Hall. “Medic’s toilet-based infrastructure
is revolutionary in its ability to prevent health problems instead of
curing them.”

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About Medic Life

Medic is located in Provo, Utah, where all product development and
innovation takes place. The company is creating technology with the idea
that “Prevention is better than a cure.” The Medic team started
developing its toilet-based technology in 1999 and has more than 60
patents and patent applications related to improving health monitoring
and preventable care. Medic is a member of the Hall
 portfolio of companies in the Provo Opportunity Zone, which has
been named as one of the top three in the U.S. for tax-advantaged
opportunities. For more information visit


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