MBS Equipment Company is First to Take Delivery of SIDECAR-DMX from AC Power Distribution

AC Power Distribution is pleased to announce the sale of a large complement of its new SIDECAR-DMX data distribution systems to MBS Equipment Company. MBS, which offers one of the largest overall equipment inventories worldwide for creative lighting solutions, is the first company to invest in and take delivery of SIDECAR-DMX. 

Lighting fixtures today not only require a power source, they need a data signal to operate features such as dimming, lighting effects and color. AC Power Distribution has designed SIDECAR-DMX to plug into its industry-workhorse SST Series Lunchbox power systems instantly transforming a Lunchbox into a power plus data box deployable on sets or on location.  

SIDECAR-DMX does not impair the normal function of a Lunchbox.  It distributes, regenerates and boosts DMX and RDM signals with simple “flow-thru” performance featuring six individual, optically-isolated outputs.  Users can plug into another SIDECAR-DMX unit daisy-chaining systems for additional distribution or DMX universes.

SIDECAR-DMX can also act as a stand-alone device installed anywhere in a stage-pin cable run making it one of the most robust and convenient wireless opto-splitters available.

Like other AC Power products SIDECAR-DMX offers a range of color options for lids and straps.  ACT Lighting, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of AC Power Distribution products in North America.  

“The unique designs of SIDECAR-DMX and a Lunchbox essentially make them a 3-in-1 device: a Lunchbox used as a stand-alone power unit, SIDECAR-DMX deployed as a stand-alone data device and a Lunchbox and SIDECAR-DMX used together for plug-and-play power and data distribution,” explains James Davey, Vice President of AC Power Distribution.  “Companies can deploy and scale SIDECAR-DMX into their rental inventories as needed.  Those who have already invested in Lunchbox gain additional features with SIDECAR-DMX without having to buy an expensive, single power and data box.  They’ll see more opportunities to get ROI on their purchases.”

“The benefits of SIDECAR-DMX are what make it attractive,” says Walter Glover, Vice President of Technical Services at MBS Equipment Company.  “This piece of equipment makes it incredibly easy to deploy data access points wherever there is a 100 amp Bates connection. It’s a great purchase for our inventory because it is a robust tool that offers maximum flexibility on set and nicely complements our existing inventory.”

AC Power Distribution discussed the SIDECAR-DMX concept with MBS during the product’s development.  “MBS is one of our largest and most loyal customers,” says Davey. “We like to talk to customers during the development phase to get feedback on our ideas, and MBS was very excited to hear about SIDECAR-DMX.”

MBS houses its SIDECAR-DMX inventory in Los Angeles and Atlanta, two of its largest equipment hubs, to effectively service the entire US.  The units already have been deployed to a number of sets from both locations.

AC Power Distribution has done a series of SIDECAR-DMX demos for gaffers, Davey notes.  “They think it’s really cool with a great form factor and all-around great design that’s easy to use,” he says.  “Warner Bros has taken delivery of a large order of SIDECAR-DMX and so has Cinelease grip and lighting rentals.”

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