Make Some Noise! The Newest Hearthstone® Expansion, Festival of Legends™, is Now Live!

Introducing 145 all-new concert-themed cards, including the new Finale keyword, Soloist minions, and Harmonic spells

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Whether you’re into metal, hippie, emo, folk, electronic, disco, pop, hip-hop, jazz, classical, or rock music, there’s an act for everyone to rave about in the Tavern! Hitting the stage today is Festival of Legends, the latest expansion to Hearthstone®, Blizzard Entertainment’s digital card game. Everyone’s invited to the biggest music festival that Azeroth has ever seen, with a raucous line-up of legendary musicians and brand-new Soloist performers.

In this new set of 145 cards, each class has a Legendary minion representing their genre’s star musician, as well as a Legendary spell that showcases that musician’s most famous song. Every class also has a finely tuned instrument weapon, with some carrying Deathrattle effects that improve while in play. New Harmonic spells switch between harmonic and dissonant frequencies each turn they’re in hand, so be sure to follow the rhythm of the match to maximize your impact! Soloist minions love having the spotlight on them and them alone—they have special Battlecry effects if they’re the only minion in play on that side of the board. And to finish your performance with a bang, cards with the new Finale keyword get special bonuses if playing them uses up all your remaining mana.

“The Festival of Legends has arrived, setting the stage for tales of adventure for music fans across Azeroth,” said Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment. “The team’s creativity really shines in this expansion, and we are excited to showcase all-new mechanics as players get into the theme of battle between bands. The stage is set for a rockin’ good time!”

This expansion also features a special tune-up for the Priest class—healing is a major part of their class fantasy, and they’re ready to share even more of their power with their minions! Priest minions with the new Overheal keyword trigger a special effect when healed above their max health. Now that’s self-care!

Festival of Legends™ is the first expansion for the Year of the Wolf, which brings new Core Set updates. Additional cards included in Core Set feature highlights from United in Stormwindand Fractured in Alterac Valley(the Tradeable keyword is now a permanent keyword), and several Magnetic cards (just for Year of the Wolf) for players to fuse together. Head over to the Core Set update blog for more information on the Year of the Wolf.

For more card info, game mechanics details, and fun extras, visit the expansion website. For screenshots and other assets, visit

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