Macro-Balanced™ Frozen Foods Startup Counter™ Committed to Being 100% Not Vegan™

BENTONVILLE, Ark.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“Plant-based meat is inhumane . . . to humans,” said Counter Co-founder and CEO Jeff Ferrell. “We are committed to using REAL meat in our food because that has been the preference of humans from the beginning of time. Our goal is to give people the nutrition of a protein bar but with actual food. Counter’s frozen meals and burritos have 30g+ of protein, which is unparalleled in the frozen foods aisle.”

There is a growing population of consumers who see the value of eating a balance of macronutrients (aka “macros™”) to achieve their health goals. Counter calls out carbs, fat, and protein on the front of its packaging and has a more balanced nutritional profile.

“Keto has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years, but sadly the weight loss for most is not sustainable,” said Co-founder and COO Benn Manning. “We need to stop canceling carbs.”

Counter recently closed its $1.2 million seed round with an all-star list of angel investors that includes Nick Greer (Founder/CEO of Built Brands), Nate Lord (CFO of Goodles), and Tara Housley (EVP of Beauty Industry Group) among others. In addition, 24 content creators, who specialize in recipe development, weight loss coaching, and personal training, invested in Counter and are highlighted on Counter’s website.

“There is a lot of confusion about what is considered nutritious food,” said Lord, former CFO of Kodiak Cakes. “Many people get caught up on all the different micronutrients and allergens – it’s great to see a brand focus on the bigger picture of macronutrients and actual nutrition.”

Counter is launching in the frozen foods aisle of 400 Sam’s Clubs across the country in June with its Taco Mac & Cheese developed by TikToker Tom Walsh.

About Counter

Counter is a content creator-led brand that develops and sells macro-balanced frozen foods in grocery stores and warehouse clubs. All items are high-protein, low-calorie, and inspired by recipes that have gone viral on Instagram and TikTok. And believe it or not, it uses REAL meat in its products.

Check out Counter’s website to get a free macro-balanced cookbook (101 recipes!) and receive your personalized macros. To keep tabs on its journey to change how this country views nutrition, follow Counter on Instagram and TikTok.


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