Level AI Launches Agent Screen Recording to Help Contact Centers Identify and Bridge Knowledge Gaps

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ContactCenterLevel AI, the customer service intelligence platform, launched a new agent screen recording and monitoring product on Thursday. The company’s latest feature will enable contact center teams to improve support quality, agent learning and coaching by monitoring and gaining further insights into their agents’ behavior.

Level AI has been working to place cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms into the hands of contact center teams with the goal to improve agent performance, quality assurance, and overall customer experience. The company already counts Carta, OpenTable, Toast, Vista, and many other leading global brands as its customers.

Agent screen recording is a much-awaited feature among its customers as it solves one of the most challenging problems contact center leaders face today – obtaining actionable insights from agent interactions with customers when they are completing critical tasks on their desktops. Contact center agents work in complex environments and have to juggle many tools in order to perform their work effectively. Tool proliferation, knowledge availability, tracking compliant behavior and agent engagement are some of the most common day-to-day issues facing contact center leaders. To this end, having agent desktop monitoring is a critical capability.

Large contact center teams are often in the dark when it comes to understanding what constitutes a great customer experience. Analysts can infer it from various metrics like average handling time (AHT) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, but often struggle to say with certainty what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to influencing customer experience.

Agent screen recording by Level AI significantly helps to solve these problems by recording agents’ on-screen behavior while they’re assisting a customer. The Level AI application, installed on agents’ desktop, will capture their screen from the moment they are assigned a support ticket until the time that ticket is resolved. These case recordings will offer a treasure trove of information to QA (quality assurance) auditors and contact center leaders.

QA teams will now be able to quickly learn from top-performing agents and simultaneously identify performance gaps among agents. Screen recording will assist in the development of enhanced training materials and improve the team’s overall quality of customer support. The solution will also enable contact center leaders to make sure agents are adhering to key behavioral requirements while servicing customers. Finally, by combining these new capabilities with the Level AI analytics suite, teams will gain unparalleled insights into agent performance.

Despite being new, screen recording has already helped several Level AI customers transform their support experience. When we spoke to Michael Villanueva, Global Director of Quality – CARE at VistaPrint about screen recording, his enthusiasm for the product and what it has meant for his team was readily apparent.

“As a design and marketing partner to millions of small businesses worldwide, Vista has always prioritized customer experience. Level AI’s agent screen recording has added ‘eyes’ to a process where we only had ‘ears’ before. This has helped us identify opportunities to improve our processes and tools and coach our agents more effectively, which improves both team member satisfaction and customer experience.”

Along with AI-powered quality assurance, agent assist, and analytics products, screen recording makes Level AI the holistic customer service intelligence solution for modern contact centers.

Shlok Kapoor, one of the architects of this exciting new capability at Level AI, talked about the attention to detail the team has given to key capabilities to solve customer issues.

“While building agent screen recording for our customers, we made sure we supported Mac and Windows users. Additionally, we wanted to support seamless integration with the entire customer service stack, such as CRM, CCaaS, chat, and email vendors. Lastly, we wanted to support dual monitors for our customers so we do not miss any key activities of the agents. This is truly a world class application for our customers and we are very excited to see how teams will transform their customer experience with this new capability.”

Level AI’s agent screen recording product is now generally available to all customers along with Level AI’s contact center intelligence suite.


Vince Magaline for Level AI


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