Leading 3D Scanning App Polycam Launches New AI-Based 360 Capture; Turns Normal iPhones Into A 360 Camera

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#360capture–Today, Polycam, the world’s most popular 3D scanning app for iOS, web and Android, announced the launch and implementation of their new feature, 360 Capture.

Polycam has been simplifying the 3D capture process so that anyone can scan the world around them with their mobile device, DSLR camera, or drone to get beautiful, accurate 3D models. Now, with the launch of 360 Capture, Polycam users will be able to take 360 images directly on their iPhone – no 360 camera or LiDAR sensor needed. Users can view and share the 360 images by themselves, or set them as the background of a 3D model.

This new feature is possible because of generative artificial intelligence technology. This AI, powered by Stable Diffusion, is being used to complete unseen areas in the 360 image. In other words, it allows the app to generate what normal panoramas can’t capture – above and below. This enables a much more natural user experience for capturing 360 photos that is similar to how people already capture panoramas.

360 Capture is an additional capture mode that exists alongside LiDAR, PHOTO, and ROOM features already available on the Polycam app. This new feature will be supported on all iPhones starting from iPhone 11 and newer. Any existing Polycam users with these supporting phone models can utilize unlimited 360 Capture for free beginning June 1. A small watermark on the 360 photo can be removed by upgrading to Polycam Pro.

“Up until now, 360 photos were a specialty – something exclusive to people with expensive cameras and equipment,” says Chris Heinrich, CEO of Polycam. “With our new 360 Capture, we’re democratizing 360 capture by bringing it to everyone with an iPhone.”

With this newfound accessibility, the use cases of 360 Capture are endless – in both professional and personal settings. Casual users, photographers, and hobbyists can use the feature to capture beautiful landscapes or unique family reunion photos. Meanwhile, professionals such as architects or 3D artists can utilize 360 Capture to document spaces or create virtual environments for gaming or VR.

To learn more about Polycam and how to use their new 360 Capture tool, please visit https://poly.cam/ or download Polycam on the App Store. If you have an iPhone 11 or newer tap the 360 option from the camera view to start capturing immersive 360 photos.


Kathy Osborne


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