KRK ROKITs Provide Versatility and Consistency for Jim Lawton’s Home Studio

Brand’s Studio Monitors Offer Authentic Voicing for the Musician, Producer, and Songwriter’s Cross-Genre Audio Productions

LONDON, MARCH 29, 2023 ― From sync work and music production to songwriting for various genres, British Musician, Producer, and Songwriter Jim Lawton is making his mark across the music industry. The past couple of years have been a culmination of Lawton’s hard work, as he has achieved multiple sync credits with Disney+, Warner, Beatstar, and ESPN while also working alongside a number of genre-crossing artists. As the frontman and songwriter for his rock project Electric Enemy, Lawton recently immersed himself in producing the project’s self-titled debut album, set to release on April 21. To help achieve this, Lawton added a pair of KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors to his home studio, completely upgrading his sound and workflow.

“When I received my ROKITs, I found the difference to be instantaneous,” Lawton says. “Whether I’m producing rock, dance, or pop, the audio quality was immediately noticeable. What I love most about them is that they tell me the truth about what I’m hearing!” In addition to his KRK monitors, Lawton also relies on his Logic Pro DAW and is currently teaching himself to use Ableton to further enhance his production work.

The ROKITs’ ability to handle a variety of genres is what made them an ideal addition to Lawton’s studio and his expansive production and songwriting credits. In addition to writing for and being featured alongside “The Godfather of Garage Music,” Todd Edwards, Lawton also works with
No. 1 charting artist Example, Costa Rican musician Patiño, R&B and pop artist Jaki Graham, and rock artist Bang Bang Romeo. With such an impressive roster of artists in his workload, Lawton knew he needed studio monitors that could handle anything that was thrown at them. “I love the ROKITs because, despite their smaller size, they still get the bass tones out clearly, which is crucial for dance, pop, and reggaeton,” he adds.

When his focus changed to his personal work on Electric Enemy’s album, the ROKITs continued to improve Lawton’s production experience. “All of my songs are first laid out in my home studio,” he explains. “From there, we take certain sections to professional studios and work with brilliant producers such as Sam Miller, Pete Hutchins, and Adrian Bushby to build upon that groundwork until it’s strong enough to add drum kits and guitar amps. Setting the foundation is critical, which is where the KRKs come in: when tuned properly to your room with the KRK Audio Tools app, the ROKITs give you very clear highs without ‘control room syndrome,’ where everything sounds great because it’s super loud and bassy.”

Though Electric Enemy’s debut album is being released soon, Lawton has already begun production on the project’s second album, with the ROKITs by his side. “Nothing makes me happier than meeting new people, sitting down, having a laugh, and creating music,” he says. “Album two is a culmination of everything I have learned from meeting so many amazing artists and working in so many different genres. Even in the demo phase, this album’s sound is already there thanks to the KRK ROKITs, as well as my Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer guitars. There’s no denying that, for all my work, the ROKITs are by far the most important piece of gear in my home studio.”

Find more examples of Lawton’s work on Spotify, HERE.

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