KRK GoAux Come in Clutch for Italian Producer Giuvazza

Italian Producer, Songwriter, and Musical Artist Giuvazza Maggiore, best known simply as “Giuvazza,” is no stranger to KRK. After being introduced to the brand in 2015, Giuvazza became a loyal user of the iconic black and yellow solutions. A multi-faceted artist who started his career as a guitarist on Italian TV programs before turning to songwriting and producing, Giuvazza knows the importance of having your work translate to listeners the exact way it’s produced in the studio. With KRK’s V-Series 8 Studio Monitors, KNS 8402 Headphones, and GoAux 3 Portable Monitor System, Giuvazza has been able to achieve the consistent accuracy for which he strives.  

Pictured: Giuvazza with his KRK GoAux 3 Portable Monitor System and KNS 8402 Headphones.

“There is no way you can compare KRK with any other brand. First of all, I love the look and feel, especially the distinct colors. I also love that the KRKs reproduce sound perfectly, no matter what kind of studio you have. KRK offers me the faithful reproduction of the sound I have in mind, especially on the low frequencies.”

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