KFC Spain proves with its new campaign that is possible to move people by selling fried chicken

Enjoy, it’s beautiful  the new campaign by the creative agency PS21 – The commercial shows the fact that expressing enjoyment is imperfect by capturing, in slow motion, different people face expressions while eating fried chicken.

MADRID, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enjoyment is imperfect. This statement is the main premise of “Enjoy, it’s beautiful”, the new creativity project for KFC by PS21 creativity agency. The piece goes, in slow motion, through seven different character face-expressions while eating fried chicken, showing-off genuineness in their faces and thus, celebrating something as basic as taste.

The spot, recorded over different Colonel Sanders restaurants in Madrid, shows seven different stories with a single common denominator: people in their minds having joy while eating their fried chicken. During the piece close-ups to face expressions goes one after the other while the famous  ‘You Are So Beautiful’ by Joe Cocker is on-track, to reinforce through humor but with a poetic touch, the paradox of pleasure and subjective beauty

“In the advertising industry, we are used to seeing TV actors smiling at products as if they were telling a joke. Who eats while smiling? Who bites and chews with a picture-face? We all know that the more we enjoy something, the more ridiculous our grimaces become, and that’s amazingly beautiful. This is the idea we want to share with the campaign, touching the audience with something basic as fried chicken,” says Victor Blanco, executive creative director of PS21.

“This piece shows in a tangible and realistic way the experience of utmost enjoyment when eating KFC, moving you into an emotional state of mind in such an intimate and pleasurable moment as taking a bite of our fried chicken,” according to Beatriz Martinez, brand manager of KFC Spain and Portugal.

“Enjoy, it’s beautiful” is the new campaign of ‘Regózalo’, a communication platform launched in 2022 whose core is based on extreme enjoyment and KFC’s most unique, key and differentiating element: the breading. The campaign includes 60′, 30′, 20′ and 10′ pieces that will run on TV, outdoor, online and graphic adaptations in restaurants during 2023. The pieces have been recorded by the director duo Biceps, from the production company Blur Films, the post-production work has been done by McNulty and Proximia is the media agency.

Video – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2041305/PS21_KFC_Spain.mp4
Photo – https://digitalmedianet.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/PS21_KFC_1.jpg
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