Kevin Harrington Joins Funding Faceoff TV Series to Help Real Estate Investors Get Capital for Their Deals

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Television and business icon, Kevin Harrington, has joined the new reality TV series, Funding Faceoff, as a panelist and expert dealmaker.

This real estate-themed show will give real estate investors—from budding newbies to seasoned pros, an opportunity to pitch their deals to a panel of experienced investors. The panel will evaluate each deal, as well as the abilities of the investor pitching the deal, and if both the deal and the investor meet their criteria, they will invest from their own pool of private capital.

“When I was approached about this TV series, I fell in love with the idea immediately. It’s similar to one of my previous ventures—the hit series, Shark Tank, except rather than pitching business ideas, the guests will be pitching real estate deals, so this is a concept I know well. And I’m excited about the opportunity to help these investors not only get the funding they need to complete the deals they’ve found, but also help them become better deal makers in the process,” says Harrington.

While many people are familiar with his deal making prowess from his time as one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank, most do not know that he also regularly shares his time and wisdom to help other entrepreneurs level up and achieve greater things.

Funding Faceoff is the brainchild of Lori Greymont, and the expert panelists come from relationships within The Family and Investor Fuel, two of the largest and most selective, invite-only, mastermind communities in the real estate investing industry.

Greymont explains, “I’ve experienced both wild success and devastating failure throughout my career, and I’ve learned the same powerful lesson from each experience. It is that the power of collaboration beats competition every time. My biggest wins came from working together with others to achieve more than I ever could on my own, and I was able to bounce back from my failures because of the support and guidance of the amazing people around me. So part of the reason I launched Funding Faceoff was to help create that supportive environment to help others achieve more in their own real estate investing careers.”

While this TV series will be a game-changer for investors whose deals get funded by helping to change their financial trajectory, create generational wealth, and provide jobs, it will also have a positive impact on the investors whose deal don’t get funded and on viewers because they’ll learn how to better evaluate and pitch their future real estate deals.

“Real estate has changed my life and created tremendous opportunities for me and the people around me, so through Funding Faceoff, I want to share the kind of information that will empower our audience to begin or improve their real estate investing career, giving them the same kind of opportunities I’ve experienced,” said Greymont.

The first six episodes are currently being recorded, with the following six slated to begin recording in October, and will first air on Bargain House Network. Distribution has been secured through Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Samsung TV Plus, and talks are underway with additional networks for expanded distribution and additional seasons.

Greymont says that the team is honored to be collaborating with Adam Leffler and Bargain House Network on this because of their reputation in both the real estate and television industries. The relationship, and Leffler’s leadership, has played a vital role in the launch of the Funding Faceoff, and the team is looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

“We’re excited about the show, the opportunities it will create, and growing interest from other networks, but our biggest focus right now is packing as much value as possible into each episode. Our primary mission is to help our guest investors pitching their deals and our expert panelists funding the deals to turn a healthy profit and contribute value back into their local communities, while on a larger scale, educating our audience about real estate investing so they can follow in the footsteps of these experts,” said Greymont.

The latter is an especially important part of Funding Faceoff because so many real estate-themed TV shows present an over-simplified picture of the industry. Success requires a lot of specialized knowledge, and far more time and effort than most people realize since the industry has been so misrepresented. In some cases, by television producers, but more often, by unscrupulous real estate coaches, and in both cases, good people get hurt financially.

Nicole Espinosa, who is known as The Short Sale Queen within the industry and is also currently recording a real estate TV series with a major network, says this is a much needed breath of fresh air.

“Most of the real estate shows focus on the more exciting end of the transaction, and gloss over, or in many cases, completely ignore all of the work that goes into getting a deal to the negotiating table. They don’t show how much time and work goes into finding the right deals, the fear and uncertainty, or the losses, which are more frequent than the wins, by the way, leading up to those wins. They’re hit with a hard reality when they jump into it without the proper knowledge and mentorship,” she says.

Greymont and the rest of the team, both in front of and behind the camera, want to change that by presenting an accurate and realistic idea of how to become successful in real estate.

This will help the guest investors, whether their deals get funded or not, as well as helping viewers, by providing actionable information that they can immediately implement in their own investing. And it will also help communities and individuals all across America because of the valuable role investors play in revitalizing the local communities they invest in and raising the standard of living for all residents.


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