KBRA Releases Report – Marine Fuels: Sailing Into Uncharted Waters

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) releases its Marine Fuels: Sailing Into Uncharted Waters report, which discusses the dynamics and challenges faced by the shipping sector.

As we approach 2020, there continues to be heightened volatility around marine fuel prices due to the implementation of International Maritime Organization (IMO) restrictions on sulfur content. KBRA believes this situation is leading to ongoing market uncertainty surrounding the profitability of the shipping sector.

Key Takeaways Highlighted in the Report Include:

  • IMO 2020 will likely have a significant impact on marine fuel costs. KBRA expects the additional costs due to compliance will top $60 billion over the next three years. In KBRA’s view, a large portion of these costs will be borne by the end customer, although there is still uncertainty in how these costs will be shared.
  • Shipping companies that are unable to transfer fuel costs to their customers, or that have older, less efficient fleets—and do not have adequate finances to procure and install exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers)—will have greater credit risk.
  • Dislocation in the marine fuel markets will create opportunities for industry participants across multiple sectors including crude and product tankers, liquified natural gas (LNG) carriers, scrubber manufacturers, and refiners.
  • IMO 2020 implementation will significantly impact the oil and gas refining value chain as refiners opt to produce a greater quantity of compliant fuels to service the shipping industry. This oil product shift will likely cause some disruption to the refined products market, leading to deeper implications for the overall economy.

The report also details the opportunities available to various stakeholders, including some outside of the marine sector.

To read the report, click here.

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