JourneyApps Launches OXIDE, Creating a New Paradigm for High-Productivity, High-Control Development of Powerful Business Apps

Next-gen Integrated Development Environment (IDE) OXIDE introduces a new approach that brings the productivity benefits of low-code platforms to code-centric app development

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JourneyApps, a company empowering developers with flexible and highly-productive application development, today announced the official launch of its OXIDE Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which ushers in a new paradigm of building, deploying and managing secure and powerful business applications. OXIDE fills a gap in the application development market by combining the speed and efficiency of low-code platforms with the flexibility and power of professional development in a single platform.

“In recent years we’ve seen low-code become an appropriate solution for businesses to develop simple apps really quickly — however, there is much higher ROI for companies in building more powerful apps that address harder digitization and automation problems,” said Conrad Hofmeyr, CEO of JourneyApps. “The problem is that when you’re using low-code / no-code platforms and apps become more complex, the visual point-and-click development approach becomes unwieldy and the speed of development slows down dramatically. On the other hand, IT groups are so backlogged that it’s not feasible for them to build all these apps using their traditional professional development tools. This is why there is a clear need for an app development platform that allows complex apps to be built primarily with code in a rapid and highly productive way — which is exactly what OXIDE is pioneering.”

OXIDE is a next-generation web-based IDE where apps are built using a combination of code and visual tools. Logic is developed using JavaScript or TypeScript, whereas screen layouts and data models are built using either visual tools or code — developers can instantly switch between the two. OXIDE allows developers to build cross-platform apps that automatically run on any supported device type and operating system (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux) without additional configurations. Additionally, any app built in OXIDE can be run as a web app in a browser – making it ideal for use cases like customer portals.

The live co-editing and GitHub integration in OXIDE also allows developers to collaborate easily in real-time, from anywhere. All apps built on the platform automatically have zero-configuration, secure offline bi-directional data sync — allowing users to work from remote environments without any connectivity.

“COVID-19 has spurred many companies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives,” said Kobie Botha, Chief Product Officer at JourneyApps. “The code-centric approach at the heart of OXIDE enables companies to respond to this challenge by rapidly scaling the delivery of ambitious apps without scaling developer headcount.”

Through an Early Access Program, key JourneyApps customers in a variety of industries including medical equipment, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing have been able to test and use OXIDE before its official launch. The IDE has enabled them to sustain high development velocity even as application requirements become more advanced, and provides complete control over their code without proprietary restrictions or vendor lock-in.

“I like the JourneyApps and OXIDE approach, where code is still a first-class citizen, and it’s still so easy to build views and advanced logic — you are able to do a lot without having to know a lot, and you don’t feel restricted,” said Anthony Licona, Director of Innovation and Technology at EDGE OFS. “I’ve used other low-code platforms, and it seems they put much more emphasis on the no-code part of their products than the low-code part — so when you’re using their visual editing tools, your hands feel tied in terms of what you can do. And then when you get to the code part, it is just so overly complex that it stands in stark contrast to the visual editing.”

“All companies need apps, and if your core business is not software, the investment required to build those apps can be a big barrier,” said Jonathan Villamil, Systems Specialist at Parker Drilling. “JourneyApps is a great platform to overcome that barrier. In the past, if we wanted an app, we would get a 3rd party to develop it. Now we can actually build everything we need in-house.”

OXIDE is the new command center for the overall JourneyApps platform — a complete stack for developing and running custom enterprise apps, including a cross-platform on-device application runtime, an integrated cloud backend and a serverless computing engine.

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