Jon Peddie Research Announces It’s 2023 Digital Content Creation Market Study

Demand for digital content is high, especially local content in emerging markets.

Tiburon, Calif. (May 23, 2023)  Jon Peddie Research has released its 2023 Digital Content (DCC) Market study for purchase. The market study found that demand for digital content is still high in 2023, with a particular hunger for local content in emerging markets. In addition, the digital content creation tools market is growing due to an unprecedented demand for creative content in various fields. 

The digital content creation (DCC) software tools market was worth $15.4 billion in revenues in 2022, an increase of 68% from 2018.

The emergence of subscription-based business models has shifted the demand for high-quality content, and cloud-based workflows are transforming opportunities for creative professionals. Interest in AR/VR and the metaverse is growing, creating a demand for high-quality 3D content, which is expanding to allow the use and combination of reality-based content made from scans, premade models, and AI-generated content. In addition, there is a broadening concept of the professional category due to new marketplaces for stock content, and there is concern about machine-made content eliminating industry jobs.

The digital content creation industry is diverse and has many components, making it challenging to analyze as a whole.  The following table represents the percentage of digital content creation market share of the five main segments. 

M&EPhoto & DesignVideoAudioPost

Each element has a different dollar volume, growth rate, suppliers, and customers, with some sectors dominated by large companies and others by small ones. Nevertheless, the insatiable demand for new content on all platforms drives double-digit growth rates and provides opportunities for artists, designers, programmers, and others worldwide.

The DCC Market study contains:

  • Current and projected growth demands forecasted from 2018–2026
  • A historical look at the market, along with current trends and drivers
  • A look at the companies and providers in the DCC industry
  • A discussion of the ways the industry is incorporating automation, AI, the cloud, and processing power.

In addition, there has been the entry of game engines, AI/ML, metaverse, and real-time ray tracing, which has raised the TAM and expanded the number of suppliers to over 200, offering over 600 products total. There are over 36 million users of paid-for DCC software tools.

Pricing and Availability

JPR’s DCC Market study is available now and sells for $8,000 in electronic (PDF) format and $8,500 in printed format (includes shipping). In addition, a 42-page slide presentation is included. The authors acknowledge that the market study may only cover some specific data, so consulting time is offered to answer each client’s unique questions. Contact Robert Dow at JPR ( for details about this market study.

About Jon Peddie Research

Dr. Jon Peddie has been active in the graphics and multimedia fields for more than 30 years. Jon Peddie Research is a technically oriented multimedia and graphics research and consulting firm. Based in Tiburon, California, JPR provides consulting, research, and other specialized services to technology companies in various fields, including graphics development, multimedia for professional applications and consumer electronics, high-end computing, and Internet-access product development. 

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