Jim Marshall LLC Drops “Never-Before-Seen” Jerry Garcia Digital Animation Photo-Sequence and New Digital NFT Images

SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After a successful launch and sale of two Jerry Garcia NFTs, Jim Marshall Photography LLC, the estate of “the most celebrated and prolific photographer of the 20th century,” Jim Marshall, and their partners Total Digital Group have released another eleven iconic Jerry Garcia digital NFT images and an NFT digital animation sequence from a photo session of Jerry Garcia at the Grateful Dead’s Headquarters on Front Street in San Rafael, California in 1977. The only image from this photo shoot that has been seen and printed is the final image of the series on the illegal, infamous triple vinyl bootleg album cover “The Grateful Dead Farewell To Winterland.”

Thirteen of the images have never been printed or offered for sale until now. All 14 images are unique and from the same photo strip, building up to the 14th and grand finale NFT album cover art image. The final and 14th NFT also includes an original digital NFT animation consolidating all 14 images and an actual vinyl copy of “The Grateful Dead Farwell to Winterland” album from Jim Marshall’s personal collection.

“Jim Marshall Photography LLC is thrilled to be offering our first NFTs – a series of Jerry Garcia,” commented Amelia Davis, curator and owner of Jim Marshall’s archive and photography. “We are releasing a piece of music history captured by a legendary music photographer that will never be reproduced in any other digital format. While all 14 NFTs are iconic and two are already sold, the 14th and final NFT to drop will be a jewel in the crown for any music collector and especially for the true ‘Dead Head’ aficionado.”

The NFT sequence and animation is released in conjunction with the award-winning feature length documentary “Show Me the Picture-The Story of Jim Marshall,” now streaming on Hulu and available on iTunes.

Continued Davis, “The Jim Marshall NFT brings together two San Francisco icons, Jerry Garcia and Jim Marshall. Jim became a fixture of the Haight Ashbury and photographed Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead throughout the 1960s, 1970s & 1980s, including some of the most historic moments in Grateful Dead history.”

Garcia NFTs 1 and 2 have already sold. NFTs 3-13 are now available as well as the 14th image, animation and album cover. Collectors will be able to purchase the NFTs at https://www.jimmarshallphotonft.com and on the Mintable NFT Exchange.

Partners Total Digital Group refers to this unique NFT offering as a “Phygital NFT” Phygital expands treatment of NFTs as merely digital License Tokens. A “Phygital” NFT combines digital and physical assets to create a unique form of ownership for the fans.

About Jim Marshall and Jim Marshall Photography LLC
Called the most celebrated and prolific photographer of the 20th century, Marshall is widely known for his iconic music photography. His images of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones were woven into the lore of the era. Marshall shot more than 500 album covers; his photographs are in private and museum collections around the world.

Jim Marshall holds the distinction of being the first and only photographer to be presented with the Recording Academy’s Trustee Award, an honorary Grammy presented to individuals for nonperformance contributions to the music industry.

Jim Marshall Photography LLC was established with the primary goal to preserve and protect Marshall’s extraordinary legacy as a discerning photojournalist and a pioneer of rock-and-roll photography. The estate is continuing the legacy of Jim Marshall through sales and licensing, exhibitions, publishing, and the development of a comprehensive catalog as a reference for the totality of his life’s work. Learn more at http://www.jimmarshallphotographyllc.com

About Total Digital Group (TDG)
Total Digital Group (TDG) is a digital service agency focused on the creation and deployment of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) campaigns for multiple sectors including Sports, Gaming, Music and Art. TDG provides a full suite of design, development, and promotional services for Content and IP owners who seek to turn images, video material, or other content into one-of-a-kind digital assets as NFTs. For more information, visit http://www.totaldigitalgroup.com

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