Jigx Makes Breakthrough Mobile App Development Platform Available to Developers Worldwide

Empowers developers to build fully customizable native mobile apps for iOS and Android without specialized coding skills or long development cycles

SNOQUALMIE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jigx, Inc. today announced the general availability of the Jigx mobile platform, opening up the world of native mobile app development to millions of developers globally. Jigx Builder enables developers to use common coding skills to build high-performance, pixel-perfect mobile experiences for business users, customers, and partners. To start building native mobile apps, developers simply register on the Jigx website, then install the free Jigx Builder extension from the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace.

“From the outset, we wanted to make it easy for developers to deliver mobile apps that people love to use,” says Jigx co-founder and CEO, Adriaan van Wyk. “Now, any developer can download Jigx Builder and deliver their first enterprise-grade mobile app within days. With this milestone, we’ve changed what’s possible with mobile apps for business.”

Jigx accelerates the mobile app development process, from design and development through debugging and deployment. Robust out-of-the-box functionality simplifies many essential capabilities for mobile business apps, including connecting to backend data sources, offline syncing, branding, user authentication, and publishing to app stores. To enhance the end user experience, Jigx recently added custom UI components so developers can better address specific business needs.

Jigx marks a turning point in mobile app development. Previously, developers who wanted to build mobile apps had two primary choices: 1) learn a specialized native programming language like Kotlin for Android or Swift for iOS; or 2) deliver a hybrid mobile app (a web app in a native container) with limited performance and user appeal. With Jigx, anyone with SQL skills and basic development capabilities can build a native mobile app in hours to days, using the same codebase for iOS and Android. In addition to delivering beautiful, highly usable solutions, developers extend their relevance as app use shifts from desktops to mobile devices.

Jigx has assembled a rich set of technical resources to help developers build and deploy Jigx mobile apps as rapidly as possible. The Jigx Developer Hub features Getting Started guides for first-time Jigx users; sample mobile applications to kickstart projects; comprehensive developer documentation; and access to the Jigx Community for knowledge sharing and inspiration.

“We invested time with our early production customers to ensure that every aspect of our platform is tested in real world applications that our customers care about. From SAP® customers who care about commerce, construction customers that care about health and safety, through customers flying helicopters to save lives, Jigx is delivering on our promise of ‘Apps that mean business’.” –Adriaan van Wyk, CEO Jigx

“The early production success of Jigx speaks for itself. With this announcement Jigx moves from the initial important phase of working with early customers to general availability. Demand has continued to accelerate through our closed availability phase and we are now excited to make the Jigx platform available to all.” –Markus Dopp, Chief Product Officer

About Jigx

Jigx is for mobile apps that mean business. Companies use the Jigx Platform to increase sales, mobilize businesses processes, and empower remote workers, all while reducing the time and cost of mobile app development. Founded in 2020, Jigx is headquartered in the Seattle area and backed by the venture capital firm FUSE.


Ryan Nevara, Marketing Director


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