Jessica Jolia Continues to Rely on MXL Microphones for a Variety of Musical Genres

Artist Turns to the Brand’s CR89 and 770X Condenser Mics, and Revelation® and Genesis Tube Mics to Capture Crystal-Clear Studio Recordings

TORRANCE, CA, JUNE 23, 2020 Jessica Jolia, an American singer, songwriter, producer and humanitarian, has repeatedly turned to MXL Microphones to capture pristine studio recordings for a variety of genres including jazz, R&B and urban adult contemporary, which has helped her on her path to international success. Since first testing out MXL mics at NAMM 2016, Jolia has acquired a collection of the brand’s recording solutions, including the CR89 Low Noise Condenser Mic, 770X Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Package, Genesis HE Flagship Tube Microphone and Revelation® Variable Pattern Tube Microphone.

“I have been relying on MXL’s microphone solutions for all of my recording needs over the past four years, and I’ve fallen in love with the crystal-clear audio they capture,” explains Jolia. “I really like MXL’s Genesis for very crisp, vintage-type vocals, which makes it my preferred solution for recording traditional jazz and smooth jazz. When I’m doing more contemporary R&B or urban adult contemporary, I turn to MXL’s CR89. The brand’s renowned Revelation tube mic works very well as a multi-use microphone, capturing wonderful vocals in each of the genres I record in.”

Whether Jolia is recording in her home studio or traveling to a recording studio, MXL mics remain her go-to solution. “I record all of my music with MXL mics, and the MXL team has been super helpful in making sure I have their equipment whenever and wherever I need it. If I’m recording in Los Angeles or somewhere else that I’ve chosen to travel, and I haven’t packed my MXL mics, they’ll ship me whatever mics I need so I can continue to capture that crystal-clear MXL sound that I love.”

While out on the road, the durability of MXL’s microphones has been largely beneficial to the artist. “The cases that MXL mics come in are amazing,” she says. “Last year on the ‘Happiness Begins’ tour, I brought the CR89 and Revelation mics with me, and they were often stored in the back lounge of the bus and other times under the bus, and I don’t have a single nick or scratch on either of the cases. My luggage on the other hand is destroyed, but my MXL mics are in perfect condition – those things can really take a beating!”

Since becoming a devoted fan of MXL and relying solely on the brand’s solutions for her studio recordings, Jolia no longer runs into the issues that she often faced with previous mics. “A lot of times with other manufacturers’ microphones, I’d run into issues with hissing and would have to use de-essers on consonants and any hard sounds. With MXL mics, those issues are nonexistent. The Genesis and Revelation mics capture a very crisp, clear tone. Using the CR89 and 770X mics, I can achieve a very smooth sound and they do an awesome job at picking up the brightness and the colors of my voice. I also do much less EQing when I use MXL mics, which makes the recording process very efficient.”

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Jolia has continued to rely on MXL to capture pristine recordings while working from home. “In light of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve come to embrace a new normal as it pertains to writing and recording,” she says. “Though I’ve always been comfortable creating from home, this has now become the only safe recording method available. I am grateful to have my home studio, with special thanks to MXL, as it has allowed me to fluidly express and articulate my thoughts, feelings and experiences during this new chapter in history. All of the music I’ve created during this period in time will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

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