Intelecom Learning Launches Smartphone App for Student Veterans

Customizable smartphone application for iOS and Android allows colleges and universities to create a virtual veterans resource center for their student veterans.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intelecom Learning is pleased to announce the soft launch of a customizable smartphone application designed specifically for higher education institutions and the military-connected students they serve.

myVRC was developed in response to a critical need to provide on-boarding assistance and information for veterans returning to civilian life and enrolling in a college or university to pursue educational goals. In California, with an estimated 1.8 million veterans, as many as 89,000 are enrolled in just the California community colleges.

But unlike most other students, a veteran must navigate military service educational benefits, obtain treatment for an array of often chronic, interrelated health issues, and simultaneously master the academic and social challenges of our civilian educational system. myVRC will improve the lives of student veterans by allowing them to maintain contact with their peers and providing them with anytime, anywhere access to the academic, support and wellness tools and resources available to them both on and off campus.

The app is available for iOS and Android and meets requirement for both WCAG and FERPA. It includes a social in-app chat feature called myBuddies for connecting student veterans on campus. Additional features include myVRC, a customized screen with information about services available through a campus veterans resource center.

“myVRC represents more than anything else a grassroots collaborative forged with student veterans firmly in mind,” says Dr. Allen Dooley, CEO of Intelecom Learning. “And when a solution is derived this way it makes for a solid and trusted result.”

Colleges and universities serving student veterans can use myVRC to expand the capacity of their veterans resource and success centers while at the same time assisting their student veterans in their transition to the higher education environment.

More information about myVRC can be found by visiting the website at

Intelecom Learning is a non-profit corporation and educational service agency of fifteen California community college districts comprising 31 colleges.


If you would like further information about myVRC or Intelecom Learning, please contact:

Intelecom Learning

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