Hypernet Labs Partners with Pencilish Studios to Release Former Disney Animator’s Limited NFT Series

Hypernet Labs, a Web3 infrastructure technology company, announced today that it would be assisting Pencilish Studios, an animation studio, in launching a series of functional NFTs

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NFTHypernet Labs (Hypernet), a Web3 company developing enterprise-scale NFT technology, announced today a partnership with Pencilish Animation Studios & Talento Labs to produce “Mint Passes,” a limited series of functional non-fungible tokens (Functional NFTs), on the Hypernet.Mint platform. The Mint Passes will be designed by former Disney animators, responsible for developing beloved characters from Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Mulan. As the Pencilish community grows, Mint Passes will serve as the keys to an evolving digital community of animation enthusiasts, giving fans the opportunity to directly impact the growth and advancement of the projects at Pencilish.

“Our partnership with Pencilish will demonstrate the enhanced utility of our functional NFTs, while simultaneously providing community development tools to one of Hollywood’s most dynamic animation studios,” said Hypernet CEO, Ivan Ravlich. “We envision a future where NFTs, minted with cutting-edge technology, serve as practical tools for everyday use, providing services ranging from digital identification to highly specialized ‘keys’ that are capable of unlocking real-world experiences and functionalities.”

The first round of Mint Passes will be available exclusively to founding investors of the Pencilish community and will unlock bespoke opportunities for Pencilish investors. Hypernet will mint approximately 4,700 Mint Passes for the initial airdrop, which will be released to Pencilish investors with any decentralized wallet.

Additionally, in conjunction with the NFT LA Conference, Hypernet and Pencilish will be releasing additional Mint Passes that will open the door to acquiring exciting new NFTs based upon Pencilish’s animated series like Bjorn the Last Unicorn and others that are currently in production. Individuals who sign up for a Hypernet.Mint account through the Pencilish Mint Pass promotion will have a chance to be selected for these limited-edition NFT giveaways.

“Animation is about community; people bond over their favorite movies, shows and characters,” said Pencilish CEO and animator Tom Bancroft. “At Pencilish, we have been striving to build an animation-driven community fit for the digital age. Hypernet.Mint will enable us to seamlessly share the work we love and provide a new avenue for building, engaging and rewarding our passionate community while protecting IP and verifying our work’s authenticity.”

For more information about Hypernet or Hypernet.Mint, please visit https://hypernetlabs.io/.

For more information about Pencilish Studios, please visit https://pencilish.com.

About Hypernet: Hypernet is a cyber-infrastructure company building the tools to facilitate the world’s transition to Web3. By focusing on enterprise-scale applications, Hypernet is bringing Web3 technology to as many organizations and individuals as quickly as possible. While Hypernet’s Protocol is open source, the Hypernet team is launching applications in line with three core Web3 priorities: 1) Enabling the development of digitally native identities, 2) developing systems for Web3 payments, and 3) building the computing infrastructure to ensure widespread utilization of decentralized web services.

About Pencilish: Pencilish Animation Studios is a crowd invested and owned entertainment studio. The company was founded by veteran Disney animator, Tom Bancroft as well as animators and executives from Warner Brothers, Sony, Lionsgate and almost every studio in Hollywood. Pencilish’s mission is to build a community of animators, fans, entertainment professionals, and investors to develop new intellectual property with characters, shows, and movies to be launched on screens both large and small – sometimes into the metaverse.

About Talento Labs: Talento Labs is a partnering agency bringing together diverse communities across web3.


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