HUP.LIFE Partners With Flux, Leading Decentralized Cloud Project, To Power Socially Conscious NFT Marketplace

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – July 26, 2021) – HUP.LIFE is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Flux, a leading blockchain project for decentralized cloud infrastructure.

The partnership will help HUP.LIFE build out HUP.MARKET, the socially conscious NFT Marketplace where artists can sell and license artwork through their copyright, and featuring permanence, decentralization, and international enforceability as its core principles.

HUP.LIFE fair-launched $HUP, the digital currency fueling the NFT marketplace, on PancakeSwap on June 15. The project has already tapped a partnership with ETHO Protocol, a privacy-forward decentralized file hosting protocol.

Flux and its offerings, including FluxOS and FluxNodes, will be utilized to the extent HUP.LIFE and its planned NFT marketplace require localized hosting solutions due to regulatory or legal requirements – without relying on centralized hosting solutions.

HUP.LIFE intends to utilize Flux for its planned National NFT Pre-Launchpads on HUP.MARKET, where visitors can browse for works by artists from their country before works are published to the broader platform.

FluxNodes located in these jurisdictions would be rewarded for their participation.

“We’re extremely grateful to the Flux team who saw our vision and opened their arms to us,” said Harrison Jordan, Founder and CEO of HUP.LIFE. “This partnership is going to allow us to push forward with a decentralized framework for our NFT marketplace, while being able comply with regulatory and legal requirements that require localized hosting should they arise.”

Daniel Keller, CSO at Flux Technologies, added: “We’ve been exploring NFTs for a while now, but the team at HUP.LIFE seems to come up with a solution for the copyright, permanence, and decentralization issues NFTs face – all in one. We’re happy to play a role to make that solution a reality and committed to supporting the broader NFT eco-system.”

HUP.LIFE is a blockchain-based, community-governed project that strives to empower artists and collectors to fully monetize their art NFTs through the power of internationally enforceable copyright. With the ethos of social consciousness at the core of its mission, HUP.LIFE and its HUP.MARKET NFT platform are paving the way for visual artists and collectors to take control of their NFTs by selling and licensing the copyright of the underlying artwork throughout the globe.

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