HR Tech Entrepreneur and Former Snap Employees Are Launching RizeHQ, an Exclusive Professional Community That Connects Entrepreneurs and Innovators

RizeHQ is a people-first platform that leverages technology to encourage the human tradition of gathering face to face, connecting with new people, and exploring the world together

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rize Global Inc. today announced that the company is launching RizeHQ (, a community dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the new economy.

Founded in 2019 by Yoshimi Iyadomi, James Biggs, and James Galvan, Rize’s mission is gathering leaders committed to driving innovation. Yoshimi Iyadomi is a veteran entrepreneur in the recruiting and HR technology industries. James Biggs and James Galvan are former Snapchat monetization employees and executives in the ad tech space.

“The three of us came together because of a shared interest in accommodating the changing nature of the workplace to keep pace with the advancements in technology,” said James Biggs, CEO. “There is a growing cultural shift towards financial and career independence in the United States and many countries around the world. That shift is all the more evident with Millennials and Gen Z. But leaping into entrepreneurship is daunting, and often lonely, and comes at the expense of the infrastructure available to people in established organizations. It’s a balancing act! We see an opportunity to prop up the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators through a community dedicated to helping them build and improve their careers, lifestyles, and companies.”

Membership in RizeHQ drives meaningful real-world relationships with people who share similar interests — entrepreneurs, innovators, future mentors and collaborators, and new friends. Access to exclusive sponsored events encourages the sharing of experiences and learnings. Software-assisted recommendations drive new 1:1 matches. Members can even play matchmaker by introducing like-minded professionals to each other. And, beginning in 2020, RizeHQ will roll out member-only spaces for work and entertainment at select business conferences.

These amenities are available via the RizeHQ mobile app. The first version supports member enrollment and 1:1 matching. Ultimately it will incorporate the full range of community participation and content syndication.

“Our goal is to bring together the world’s most exciting innovators,” said Biggs. “Social media is an integral part of our lives. It’s an excellent way to brand ourselves and, for many of us, serves as our highlight reel. But, from a relationship perspective, social media is often about quantity over quality, where the race to connect with others starts to feel like collecting baseball cards. The human connection is often lost. We see RizeHQ as complementary to existing social networks. Our community’s focus is on authentic, real-world interactions, and exclusivity instead of raw growth.”

At launch, professionals can join the community via invites from registered community members, or by submitting a request to participate via the RizeHQ mobile app or website.

The RizeHQ mobile app is available on iOS in the US today. An Android release will roll out later this year.

About Rize Global Inc.:

Rize Global Inc. dedicates itself to supporting curiosity, innovation, inclusion, and sustainability in the workplace and the economy. We combine cutting-edge technology, sponsored events, and relevant content to serve the people who share our mission.

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