House of Athlete Launches HOA+, an Immersive Digital Experience to Help All Athletes Achieve Peak Physical and Mental Fitness

Founded by NFL Legend Brandon Marshall, HOA+ Provides High-Level,

Holistic Training for the Athlete Within Us All

WESTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–House of Athlete (HOA), a wellness brand founded by Brandon Marshall, today launches HOA+, a new holistic fitness app designed to provide access to the elite athlete experience and lifestyle formerly out of reach to the general consumer. HOA+ mirrors the experience in HOA’s luxury fitness facilities where members receive exclusive access to expert coaching, daily classes developed by elite athletes, live one-to-one personal training, and personalized communication. HOA+ offers two membership tiers: $39.99/month for Coaching and $149.99/month for Live Personal Training, and is now available in the Apple App Store.

HOA was conceptualized and brought to life by six-time Pro Bowler, Brandon Marshall, in 2019. Drawing from 13 years of experience in the National Football League (NFL), Marshall recognized a large gap in the wellness space where HOA could provide a more fully integrated ecosystem to serve members – much like what is typically reserved for pro and elite athletes. This holistic methodology includes a deep focus on both physical and mental health to optimize performance. HOA+ serves as a natural digital extension of the brand where any athlete, anywhere can tap into HOA’s iconic five pillar approach.

  • Train: On HOA+, you can train for the entire month for the cost of a traditional single session. HOA+ delivers prescriptive fitness programming with the intent to replicate the training principles of what an elite athlete experiences – all with the support of a team of coaches and gurus committed to your success. Sync all of your sessions to your Apple Watch and other connected fitness devices to regularly track your progress and integrate with your favorite health tracker.
  • Fuel: The majority of results can be directly correlated to how we approach our plate and overall nutrition. A collection of recipe ideas and healthy eating tactics are brought to you by some of the best performance-focused chefs in the industry. Featuring premium recipes, from breakfast smoothies to healthy desserts and even weekly meal prep, HOA+ members can focus on simply making healthy choices to deliver optimal performance.
  • Recover: Recovery is an often overlooked but critical component of overall health. Pulling from what is infused in the routines of the highest performing athletes, HOA+ members now have access to guided recovery classes like breathwork and cool-down sessions – all built to help members achieve a heightened ability to focus and live in the moment.
  • Tribe: As an HOA+ member, you are part of a global community offering unlimited access to your very own head coach who will concierge and guide you every step of the way. Live virtual Tribe events and Q&As will allow HOA+ members to connect and engage with HOA+ coaches, wellness experts and other members.
  • Mental Fitness: Optimal health begins in the mind. HOA encourages the prioritization of mental well-being as part of a balanced athlete lifestyle. HOA+ offers mental fitness classes to help members cope with stress and tap into strategies to improve physical health and productivity. HOA+ members have access to a series of guided meditations hosted by mindfulness experts, including Brandon Marshall. These are also available on the Core by Hyperice app and sync with the Core device. Additional partnerships will be announced later this year.

“I spent more than a dozen seasons in the NFL, surrounded by some of the healthiest people on the planet. During that time, my experience having everything integrated and personalized, from training to nutrition to mental health, is really what enabled me to perform at the highest level and achieve my goals. HOA and now HOA+ provide that same opportunity to the masses,” said Brandon Marshall, Founder of HOA. “Our goal is to get more people to adopt the athlete lifestyle through this platform, and ultimately to bring better health to the world.”

“The demand for our brand and offering far exceeds our ability to expand into new markets with brick-and-mortar locations. As we grow, we see HOA+ as an opportunity to scale quickly as a perfect compliment to our member experience,” said Becca McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer at HOA. “The biggest challenges for new entrants in the digital and hybrid fitness space in 2023 are user acquisition and differentiation, and I’m confident in our strategies for both.”

The HOA+ app is available for download by visiting or the Apple App Store.

HOA+ launch video and images can be found here.

About HOA+

House of Athlete Plus (HOA+) is the next disruptor in digital fitness delivered to you by NFL legend and House of Athlete Founder, Brandon Marshall. Once inside, the HOA+ app connects real athletes with real coaches everyday for focused workouts and programming. For athletes, HOA+ goes to work as a personalized change agent, providing physical and mental fitness access on their time, but with an emphasis on getting the most out of an everyday routine. Expanding beyond House of Athlete’s facilities and onto your mobile device, HOA+ allows any athlete, anywhere to tap into the brand’s holistic, results-driven approach. Anchored by HOA’s Five Pillars of Train, Fuel, Recover, Tribe, and Mental Fitness, integrating the HOA+ journey into an athlete’s life helps create healthier habits for body and mind. Now, stepping into the House is just a download away!

About Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is the founder and CEO of House of Athlete (HOA). After 13 seasons in the NFL Brandon launched his second act as an entrepreneur living out his purpose to Re⋅define Athlete. Brandon has brought much needed awareness to the wellness industry and media by opening the dialogue for de-stigmatizing mental illness and creating space for all athletes to tell their own story. Through HOA, Brandon has built a powerful ecosystem dedicated to improving health and performance outcomes for all athletes-based around the experience and lifestyle of elite athletes.


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