Hololight Launches First Enterprise-Ready XR Streaming Platform and App Ecosystem at AWE

Hololight Hub represents a new concept in the XR space, bringing together the best XR applications on a central platform and making them available to industrial companies

LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AWE – Hololight, the leading specialist in AR and VR software for the enterprise market, will launch and demo its new ground-breaking enterprise-grade XR streaming platform and XR app ecosystem at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2024. The new XR streaming platform, Hololight Hub, is powered by Hololight’s proprietary streaming technology and comes with an ecosystem of enterprise XR applications from leading XR partners including Arthur, Frontline, Matsuko, Taqtile and Uptale.

Streaming the best XR applications on a central platform

Attendees of the event in Long Beach will get a chance to see and interact with Hololight Hub, an enterprise-grade, centralized app management platform for hosting, streaming, and scaling all AR/VR applications. Using the web-based platform, enterprises can manage XR applications including a catalog of industrial-grade XR applications from Arthur, Frontline, Matsuko, Taqtile and Uptale.

Users can seamlessly access and stream the various XR applications through the Hololight Hub interface installed on the AR/VR devices, benefiting from the performance and security provided by Hololight’s streaming technology. At AWE, Hololight will showcase Hololight Hub alongside demonstrations from partners Frontline and Taqtile, both leading XR application providers in the enterprise space.

According to Hololight CEO and co-founder Florian Haspinger, AWE is a unique opportunity for the company to showcase the new XR platform and app ecosystem:

“While our streaming technology has always been a significant technological advantage, it is merely a component of the bigger picture. Recognizing that some companies seek comprehensive solutions rather than standalone technologies, Hololight Hub now offers an end-to-end solution. By bringing together leading XR applications from independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise-developed XR applications on one platform, we are building an ecosystem of XR applications that address enterprise-level use cases such as design and engineering, training, remote assistance, and front-line worker support. By integrating our streaming technology, partners benefit from enhanced performance and security, as sensitive industrial data remains on the server side.”

Hololight Hub will empower enterprises as they use XR to improve their industrial processes in product development, manufacturing, training, or service, helping companies to build a future-proof infrastructure for XR and promote new forms of collaboration and digital workflows in 3D.

About Hololight

As the only proven enterprise streaming platform on the market for immersive applications, including virtual and augmented reality (XR), Hololight has set the standard for XR streaming, pioneering the technology since 2015. Book a demo today.



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