Hemp Black, Inc. Creates the ALL NC Line of Face Masks and Gaiters

High Performance Products Made in North Carolina

GREENSBORO, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#facemask–Hemp Black, Inc., with technical performance fabric manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, have applied their engineering ingenuity to create the patent-pending ALL NC FACE MASK and ALL NC FLEX GAITER to give companies a superior quality domestic option for employee face coverings. The ALL NC line of masks and gaiters is manufactured in North Carolina from USA-made components and can be branded with company names and logos to complement uniforms and also reassure employees that they are valued and protected.

“Face coverings are now—and for the foreseeable future—an integral part of responsible corporate wear,” says Jeff Bruner, President of Hemp Black. “Our ALL NC masks and gaiters are engineered and designed to provide all-day protective comfort for employees and enhance the company’s appearance to its customers. The masks and gaiters are available in multiple colors and can be embellished with brand logos. Plus, being manufactured here in North Carolina of USA-made components significantly increases confidence in quality and supports our local economy.”

The ALL NC masks and gaiters offer significant product benefits that enhance comfort and help ensure wearing compliance and employee satisfaction:

  • Multilayer, seamless, 3D knit construction for protection and contour shape
  • Powered by HEMP BLACK™ / element odor neutralizing technology
  • Protected with Cupron™ copper-based antimicrobial technology
  • Inherent moisture wicking functionality
  • UPF 50+ sun protection rating
  • Reusable and machine washable for easy care
  • Masks available in three sizes with knit in comfort stretch straps for optimal fit
  • Range of colors for coordination with uniforms
  • Can be branded with superbly rendered logos for added corporate brand communication

In addition to being produced in North Carolina, the ALL NC masks and gaiters deliver on other sustainability factors such as the incorporation of post-consumer recycled fibers.

Contact Mac Cheek at b2bsales@hempblack.com to discuss the ALL NC program. Learn more about HEMP BLACK™ technology at www.HempBlack.com.

About Hemp Black

With operations in Greensboro, North Carolina, Hemp Black is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of unique, highly technical performance fabrics (2D and 3D) for medical, furniture, footwear, safety, and military applications. Hemp Black operates flat-bed and circular knitting machines that have extensive patterning capabilities and can handle highly technical configurations and performance yarns.


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