HelpJess Aims to Stop U.S. Retail Closures by Engaging Shoppers From Around the World Following Global COVID-19 Spread

HelpJess, the Live Video Chat Retail App, is Impacting the Physical Retail Industry and Helping Workers Keep Jobs

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HelpJess, the world’s first live video shopping experience, is actively taking on the global crisis directly affecting virtually every industry in the market — particularly in regard to the direct loss of customer clientele within the physical retail space. The innovative shopping tool brings together the informative experience of personal shopping with live video chat and the convenience of online shopping from a mobile device or home TV, effectively allowing shoppers from around the world to actually be in an individual store shopping from anywhere. The Southern California-based company’s app provides merchants a paradigm-shifting model for integrating their offline and online stores into one easy platform — increasing overall sales and decreasing both online cart abandonment and lack of physical customers in the now-familiar age of social distancing and self-quarantines.

Simon La Barrie, Australian inventor, entrepreneur and founder of HelpJess who currently lives in Southern California and has worked with a local project team for some time, sees the company’s innovative business model as a way to revitalize physical retail shopping, especially following the unprecedented decline in sales across industries as a direct result of numerous national responses to the spread of COVID-19. Providing a deep proof of concept in response to growing global trends within its first year of launch, HelpJess’ patented interactive video solution connects consumers with the live, face-to-face interaction of a brick-and-mortar retail store through an easy-to-use app. Shoppers can connect to in-store staff at retailers around the globe and make in-country or international purchases through the system’s easy payment interface.

In a recent Innovators with Jane King interview, La Barrie demonstrates his passion in wanting to help retailers, showcasing the ways that this revolutionary technology-first model is bridging the gap between consumers and retailers through the physical, online and virtual settings, and helping employees of retailers across industries keep jobs while continuing to work in increasingly uncertain times.

“HelpJess combines the convenience of online shopping with the personal sales touch of an in-store experience — allowing retailers to capture global sales and giving shoppers the ability to purchase without the need to travel,” says La Barrie.

This very concept was proven just recently in the real-world example of Lee, a young man from Singapore who needed to purchase an updated laptop in order to work remotely from home due to the spread of Coronavirus in his community. With access to malls and stores in Singapore restricted, Lee sought out expert advice on which brand and model of laptop was best for his individual needs. Frustrated by his lack of local expert advice and finding that online searches were not much help, Lee downloaded the HelpJess app and contacted the company to describe his situation. Through a live HelpJess video call from the comfort of his home in Singapore with the Microsoft store at the Simon Malls Shops at Mission Viejo, Calif., USA, Lee received the responsive, timely and cross-border interaction he needed most — ultimately purchasing two Surface Pros as a result — one for himself and one for his parents.

This approach is making broad impacts for retail industries in countless nations left reeling from the economic and financial downturn brought forth by COVID-19. Business leaders from around the world are embracing the unique benefits of the app.

“The challenge currently facing the world is impacting every person, every family, every town, every state and every business worldwide,” says Bill Pizmolias, owner of the SportsPower store in Mount Barker, Australia – within a group of over 140 stores. “I have seen a proof of concept of this technology, and it is the future. I am very excited to be moving forward with HelpJess, as they truly do get it!”

Likewise, these sentiments are felt by technology partners such as HD Dynamics Software Solutions, a Microsoft Silver partner based out of Dana Point, Calif. “We are proud to have partnered with HelpJess,” says company co-founder, Jodi Herman. “With all this chaos right now, a technology company in Southern California is still doing its best to keep people and shoppers happy while diligently working to ensure stores continue to remain profitable.”

After successful live shopper calls with retail brands in the U.S. from Europe, Australia, Singapore and China, La Barrie is currently working with American retail brands to commercialize the technology for them and has partnered with Microsoft in this retailer roll-out.

HelpJess has both U.S. and international patents and trademarks making it available to both foreign and domestic shoppers. The service is free for shoppers. Current payment options include all major credit cards, Apple iPay, Google Pay, Alipay and WePay.

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About HelpJess: HelpJess is the world’s first live video shopping experience connecting retailers in the U.S. with shoppers from around the globe through its patented, interactive video solution. The technology connects retail brands with shoppers based either locally or anywhere in the world. It brings new and pre-qualified customers to retail brands and malls through an exhilaratingly virtual online and offline (O2O) shopping experience. Through in-store and real-time live video, consumers are able to directly connect with the individual store’s retail team for help with viewing, interacting, assessing, curating and deciding what products best meet the fashion tastes of individual customers. It provides the closest possible experience to the “touch and feel” of the traditional shopping experience outside of being physically in the store, including allowing group shopping with friends who may be located anywhere in the world, once again making the act of shopping a fun and entertaining opportunity. HelpJess’ video patented platform incorporates livestream, live chat, live payment gateway and live ecommerce tools to provide both retailers and customers with a superior shopping experience that far exceeds anything currently available on the market. For more information, visit


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