Hearo.Live Opens Beta of First Esports Online Venue

San Francisco, CA (February 5, 2020)— Hearo.Live, a new platform to enjoy media together, today announced they have opened their beta of esport’s first virtual venue. Hearo.Live lets friends talk+watch Twitch, YouTube or Mixer streams together from their phones, PCs or tablets. Hearo.Live also can be embedded in a website, so media makers can recapture their own audiences. Hearo.Live has already signed a dozen esports partners including GameTree, Waves eGaming, Meta.US, RYGE, Sangal and Jamaica eSports Initiative.

Hearo.Live is an online venue for esports or other online events. To make watching as social as playing, Hearos either can join a public talk+watch party, or create a private talk+watch party and invite their friends. Hearo works like a state-of-the-art stadium. Instead of cramming everyone into one silent but visually noisy ‘hall’, Hearo simply gives each group of friends or fans their own ‘box’ within a scalable eVenue.

Despite their design as virtual sports, esports have lacked virtual venues. Hearo.Live is that missing venue, bringing online esports fans into esports events, a new experience modeled on how fans have attended games, shoulder to shoulder with other fans, since Roman days.

Edward Lerner, CEO of Hearo.Live, and a former Director of Engineering on the PS4 at Sony says “Our mission is to change watching from solo to multiplayer, starting with esports. Esports are highly social. When we play we’re in constant voice communication with our friends. Now when we watch we can be just as connected, talking and watching together like we’re side by side. Talking with friends is a game changer, both for playing and now watching.”

The company will be adding additional partners, support of additional video sources and support of additional eVenue services. 

About Hearo.Live
Hearo.Live is a new platform to enjoy media together. We play games together, but still watch online alone, 6 billion hours a day. Life, games and now esports are better with friends, talking+watching together, connected by Hearo. #StartTheParty

Edward Lerner builds new media platforms. He wrote EA’s first hit 3D game. His startups include Looking Glass, Fireteam, the first MOBA, and FireTalk, a Skype precursor. He worked on John Madden Football and The Sims as CTO. At Sony he was Director of Engineering on the PS4.

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