Heal Launches First-Ever Contextual, Data-Driven Telemedicine Solution

Through the Combination of Heal Telemedicine™ and the Award-Winning,
Heal Hub™, Heal Introduces a Complete Connected Care Solution for
Patients with Chronic Conditions

the leader in doctor house calls, today introduces Heal Telemedicine™
for returning Heal users, providing complete and connected care between
patients with chronic conditions and their doctors. Combined with the
powerful Heal Hub™, initially introduced as the award-winning Heal
Wellbe, for the first-time ever, telemedicine is being delivered by a
doctor who truly knows their patient through the context of their
complete health history, home environment, and real-time vitals.

According to a recent Harvard study, the home environment was labeled
the best indicator for measuring Social Determinants of Health.
This includes, actual medication bottles, fall risks, allergens and food
insecurities, which can only be assessed by doctors in the patient’s
home environment. The study concluded these factors determine up to 80%
of health outcomes. With today’s launch, Heal will offer telemedicine as
a continuity of the unique in-home patient-doctor relationship – so the
doctor who talks with you by phone or video is the same doctor who has
been to your house and knows your personal social determinants of
health. This kind of telemedicine extends the human touch for
unprecedented accuracy, quality, and timeliness of care.

In addition to the social determinants of Health, Heal doctors have
unique access to prior health records through its integration with the
Apple Health Kit, combined with gathering vital signs in real-time with
the Heal Hub. With the Hub, Heal doctors have access to patient vital
signs in real-time, including blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate,
and other factors that are the best indicators of a patient’s health
status. By combining in-home context with prior health records and real
time vitals, Heal telemedicine enables always-on delivery of precise,
personal, and data-driven care.

“Typical telemedicine is plagued by low uptake, under diagnoses, and
over-prescription,” said Nick Desai, chief executive officer and
co-founder at Heal. “There’s a huge difference between an awkward
encounter with a random provider and talking to your own doctor – with
whom you have a relationship and understands the context of your
real-time health data. The latter is what we’re providing today.”

To date, Heal has delivered 110,000 house calls across the U.S. in less
than four years, driving more than $68 million in healthcare cost
savings and reducing unnecessary trips to the emergency room and urgent
care by 71%. Heal’s house call service is now enhanced with the addition
of Heal Telemedicine, which is only available to repeat users. Combined
with the Heal Hub, which allows near real-time, 24/7 integration of
diagnostic health data with real, live doctors, provides data-driven,
point-of-care decision support for doctors and more personalized
medicine for patients.

“Heal continues to strengthen the patient/doctor relationship, proving
that great technology can be used to bring them closer together, and not
further apart,” said Dr. Renee Dua, co-founder and chief medical officer
at Heal. “The combination of house calls with Heal Telemedicine and Heal
Hub is the ultimate care solution for patients with chronic conditions,
especially elderly patients, who should always feel connected to their
doctors. This furthers our mission to make care more proactive, so
patients spend more time being well and less time getting well.”


Heal is bringing technology innovation to re-humanize the practice of
medicine in a way that is fulfilling for doctors and patients alike. We
believe in making healthcare a more personal and convenient experience
by creating a more efficient doctor’s office in your home, that
inevitably improves healthcare outcomes. Through the touch of an app or
a click on our site, a highly-vetted, qualified medical doctor will
arrive at your door, twelve hours a day, 365 days a year.

Heal is in-network with all major PPO insurance companies in California,
as well as Medicare, and will soon be in-network with insurers across
the country. Heal investors include Fidelity ContraFund, Jim Breyer, the
Ellison Family, Lionel Richie, and others. For more information, please
visit http://www.heal.com/.
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