HD Medical Signs Distribution Agreement with Stethoscope.com for HD Steth Intelligent Stethoscope with Integrated ECG

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CardiacHD Medical, Inc., today announces that it has launched online sales for its flagship product, HD Steth™, via Stethoscope.com, a leading online stethoscope and medical product distributor. HD Medical recently signed Stethoscope.com as a cornerstone U.S. online distribution partner. HD Steth addresses the cardiac monitoring, specialist reporting and global stethoscope markets for both medical and veterinary applications.

In July 2020, HD Steth received FDA clearance for all three product classification codes of DQD, DQC and DPS for Electronic Stethoscope, Phonocardiograph and Electrocardiograph combined into one device. HD Steth enables clinicians to capture, record, replay, and visualize heart sounds and ECG waveforms simultaneously on a smart device to help detect multiple cardiac abnormalities. HD Steth provides patented high-definition visualization and noise-cancellation technologies that allow clinicians to see and hear subtle heart sound that are often difficult or impossible to detect during auscultation. Patient data can be saved and shared with a specialist for remote diagnosis and a second opinion.

“We welcome HD Medical’s HD Steth to our Stethoscope.com line-up – we see high demand for intelligent stethoscopes that do more than just auscultation. HD Steth’s integrated ECG, connectivity, and intelligent visualization deliver instant cardiac insights at the point-of-care and for Tele-Health,” according to a Stethoscope.com spokesperson.

“HD Steth is the most versatile and powerful intelligent stethoscope I’ve ever used during my decades of practice. The sound quality is spectacular and the best amongst all other stethoscopes. The ability to immediately see and hear subtle heart sounds alongside ECG waveforms enables clinicians to detect abnormalities quickly and with assurance,” says Dr. Nelson B. Schiller, MD, FACC, FRCP at UCSF.

“We are pleased to be on board with Stethoscope.com – we consider them leaders in the stethoscope market. Our two companies are embarking on a long relationship with a mission of bringing high quality cardiac care solutions to the market in an effort to helping medical professionals to save more lives.” said Arvind Thiagarajan, Founder and CEO of HD Medical, Inc.

HD Steth is available for sale through Stethoscope.com. The HD Steth App is available for Apple iOS and Android at Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

About Stethoscope.com

Stethoscope.com supplies end users, institutions, and healthcare facilities in the US with medical instruments from a variety of vendors. In addition to stethoscopes, the company also supplies diagnostic sets, blood pressure monitors, and other portable and ambulatory healthcare diagnostic equipment. Visit www.stethoscope.com.

About HD Medical, Inc.

HD Medical, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based innovator of digital health solutions for AI-enabled detection and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD). HD Steth has been awarded FDA clearance (K201299). The company delivers its intelligent cardiac care solutions and products globally to medical professionals and institutions and veterinarians through channel partners. Visit www.hdmedicalgroup.com.

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