Happiness Rising: Beanstalk Life Experience Platform Now Available; Sharing Travel, Adventure, Connection and More

-New app enriches lives while bringing individuals, communities, and businesses together to engage in positive ways-

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following its soft launch in early 2023, the Beanstalk™ life experience platform from Beanstalk LLC (experienceBeanstalk.com) is now alive and in full action on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

The platform is free to participants for sharing experiences in their “bucket lists” of interest while also learning from and sharing in the experiences of others. Businesses and influencers benefit from opportunities to sponsor content in the categories they support and to obtain premium opportunities to advertise in non-intrusive ways the availability of tours, tickets, menu items, and opportunities.

Participants provide star ratings, cost of experiences and reviews of the experiences they’ve had; however, the platform is also designed to emphasize the sharing, ideas and enrichment that come from melding the learning from your own experiences with the ideas and experiences of others.

Users maintain full control of their content and data, as they are presented only with offers and background in the categories they’re interested in or that align with their desires, locations, and upcoming plans. Hundreds of thousands of tours and experiences are now available through the app, with more added daily.

Living your best life… better

By the end of 2023, users will also have the option to enroll their information and choices with Beanstalk’s sister company, Life Enhancement Media. This allows future versions of the app to fine-tune opportunity content more fully to users’ choices and anticipation, as well as to closely manage and monetize the permissions for users as compensation for allowing their personal information to be shared.

Businesses, experience providers and influencers have expressed excitement about the opportunities they are gaining and anticipating from the Beanstalk platform so far.

Said Kristina Cannon, Marketing Manager for Tuacahn Center for the Arts in Ivins, Utah: “The onboarding process with Beanstalk was a breeze! Stan and Stanley (Stan Jr.) were so informative and really cared about the Tuacahn brand and how it could be represented through Beanstalk. I was very impressed with the ability to edit your own profile and how consumer-friendly the app is. Beanstalk is truly going to help Tuacahn reach many more potential theatre goers who can enjoy all we have to offer while they’re in the Southern Utah area.”

At its core, Beanstalk exists to encourage users to experience their lives more deeply, and to see the value of supporting one another through positive online interactions. The platform is changing the way we see and support each other, and in the process, is also changing the world.

Why Beanstalk?

In all, Beanstalk’s paradigm is the return of personal choice and personal information’s power to the individual, for the enrichment of all. This new paradigm and the technology that supports it is advancing rapidly in beta implementations as the company finalizes its initial Life Experience product and formalizes key partnerships in preparation to expand at scale during 2023 and beyond.

About Beanstalk

Beanstalk LLC is a division of Life Enhancement Media LLC, a privately held company registered in the State of Delaware with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is focused on life enrichment and higher satisfaction through greater ability to select and control the information we receive and share.

Beanstalk’s “why” is the return of this control and ownership to individuals, to optimize success in the ways an individual defines it, and to increase success and satisfaction from receiving and sharing information for personally defined and appropriate use. For more information about Beanstalk’s unique taxonomy and licensing or investment opportunities visit ExperienceBeanstalk.com.

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