Gustav Klimt, one of the world’s most important artists, is online

The Klimt Foundation presents the first comprehensive virtual record of the Jugendstil artist:

The database is the first online portal that illustrates not only the creative work of the Jugendstil artist, but also his private and public life within the artistic, social, and political network of his time. The complex data archive currently contains more than 2,000 data sets as well as extensive written and visual material and is being constantly expanded. This means that the Klimt Database is the most important online source for anyone carrying out research into Gustav Klimt and his age and, in particular, the period known as ‘Vienna 1900’.

A database with added value for many target groups
The core objective of the development of the database – a task that took around five years – was to record and illustrate the work of Gustav Klimt as comprehensively as possible. Besides delivering new insights, this work also enabled several previously published hypotheses to be corrected.

The Klimt Database currently consists of the sections ‘Klimt’s Work’, ‘Network Vienna 1900’, and ‘Research’. The latter contains searchable digital registers of Klimt’s paintings and photographs and of manuscripts by, for, and about the artist. Besides its research role, the database also seeks to present – and to enable users to experience – the world in which the artist lived, the world of the Wiener Moderne, with all its phenomena, achievements, and personalities. Numerous editorial articles and other contributions, which are organized chronologically or thematically and laid out in magazine form, make the database an encyclopedia for all those interested in Klimt and his cultural context. By international standards, the levels of connectivity within the website, which permit extensive cross-referencing and support further research, are amongst the strengths of the database.

The multimedia website is as fascinating for curators, researchers, and students, as it is for interested members of the public, who simply want to discover more about the artist Gustav Klimt or the period ‘Vienna 1900’. The German version of the database is currently online and an English version is under development and scheduled for completion in 2023. Access is free of charge.

The Klimt Database is a project of the Klimt Foundation, which is based in Vienna/Austria. The role of the Foundation is to preserve and research into the work of Gustav Klimt and of the period ‘Vienna 1900’, which he did much to shape, and to highlight and communicate their continuing importance for Austria’s cultural development. In future, the Klimt Database will enable further insights to be gained and, as a result, significantly support the work of all those researching into Gustav Klimt.

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