GoMeyra, Lab Tech Software Startup Launched During Pandemic, Commemorates One Year Anniversary with Unprecedented Expansion

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Healthtech–GoMeyra (pronounced GO-MARE-UH) – a software company that automates medical laboratories to enable faster and more accurate sample processing, and provides enterprise-level technology solutions for healthcare providers – launched one year ago amid a global pandemic. The tech firm’s first year in business saw a growing network of clients spread across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean; a workforce increase of 340 percent; and more than 1 million COVID-19 tests processed.

Its revolutionary new tech solution, GoMeyra LIMS (laboratory information management system), is transforming the industry by tripling productivity at a time when the world needs a new level of efficiency in lab testing services more than ever. The innovative, cloud-based solution enables unprecedented processing times for COVID-19 RT-PCR, rapid PCR, antigen, antibody and serology testing.

Bootstrapped – A Self-Financed Company

A Silicon Valley visionary and experienced systems IT developer created GoMeyra during the COVID-19 lockdown to address the pandemic-induced testing crisis that exposed the inadequacies of antiquated lab systems across the country. GoMeyra Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jaswant S. Tony recognized the need for increased laboratory efficiencies. Tony tapped proven expertise and his own wallet to solve the problem, financing 100 percent of the operation himself.

“If I had taken on investors, GoMeyra could not be as flexible as it is today. We are in the unique position to determine what the medical community needs and quickly provide solutions without delays a committee approach can generate,” Tony said. “Self-financing has worked extremely well for us as we have no debt and became profitable within our first year of business.”

More than a LIMS – GoMeyra Network

GoMeyra initially launched with one software product, a LIMS to help labs effectively handle the COVID-19 testing emergency. The software features advanced automation capabilities, allowing for the processing of significantly more tests with fewer resources in record time.

“But GoMeyra’s primary innovation became so much more than a LIMS. We’ve developed a network of labs that have become invaluable for many of our partners, allowing them to expand their services – especially in areas where they did not have a lab testing partner before,” Tony said.

The company’s GoMeyra NETWORK is a unique feature that provides access to test processing through an interconnectivity of lab partners across the country, Canada and the Caribbean. Through the network, labs can efficiently manage high daily sample volumes and maximize processing capacity by coordinating overflow testing. This, in turn, can help guard against potential bottlenecks caused by sudden testing spikes. Additionally, labs can receive new business through the network since GoMeyra clients, who conduct testing throughout the country, are always looking for partner labs who can conduct testing in various locations.

“As our roster of new labs and medical practices grows, GoMeyra continues to expand its network making faster testing accessible to more people. Additionally, GoMeyra is using its ingenuity and technological expertise to challenge other sectors of the healthcare system to create more efficient and comprehensive platforms,” Tony said.

New Products

GoMeyra recently launched a next-generation health care management platform, GoMeyra MD, a suite of software modules that give medical professionals the tools they need to comprehensively manage patient care and electronic health care records, including a proprietary telehealth application. The first module available is the Scheduler – a web interface allowing doctors, medical practitioners and healthcare workers to view and schedule tests, procedures or appointments.

GoMeyra also offers GoMeyra PASS and GoMeyra SCAN. GoMeyra PASS is a free app available in the Apple and Android app stores that provides a convenient way to show proof of a vaccination or negative COVID-19 results on demand and in real time. For enterprise-level organizations, GoMeyra SCAN – a customized app and portal administrators use to scan an employee’s, student’s or customer’s QR code for validation – integrates with GoMeyra PASS, allowing officials to identify an individual and verify vaccinations or test results before granting admittance to offices, school campuses, modes of transportation and event venues.

Clients Located throughout the U.S., Canada and Caribbean

During the pandemic, GoMeyra enabled dozens of organizations to begin conducting fast, reliable on-site testing. Clients include labs, medical providers and contractors, enterprise-level corporations, universities, casinos, live entertainment productions and professional sporting events. Notably:

  • Vitae Diagnostics tested people involved with Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World that featured performances by Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and the Foo Fighters;
  • ProAm Sports Medical provides testing for athletes and staff of televised professional fights promoted by UFC, Top Rank, Golden Boy and Bellator, as well as competition events such as Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and the World’s Strongest Man;
  • COVID Testing LLC tests guests traveling with the Royal Caribbean cruise line; and
  • University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, handling on-campus rapid testing

About GoMeyra LIMS

GoMeyra LIMS is a comprehensive, fully customizable, cloud-based laboratory information management system that can be onboarded with unprecedented speed – in as little as two days. World-class scientists, lab informaticians, enterprise-level software engineers and technology architects tapped decades of experience in designing GoMeyra with proprietary capabilities that help laboratories easily operate with as much automation, contact-free processes and regulatory compliance as possible.

GoMeyra LIMS alleviates bottlenecks and increases efficiency challenges inherent in laboratory workflows. The system comprises innovative features such as the employer-facing GoMeyra SCAN app – a customized portal that allows administrators to scan an employee’s or a student’s QR code or badge to validate test results and vaccinations, and authorize returns to work or school; a connected lab-to-lab network for overflow testing, reference specimens and correlation; front-end LIMS integration with client electronic medical records (EMR); digital scanning for monitoring and recording the journey of each specimen in real-time; flexible batch scalability that coordinates instrumentation with sample volume and labs that conduct pooled testing; built-in inventory management; and more.

For more information, visit www.GoMeyra.com or follow @gomeyra on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. For a demonstration of GoMeyra LIMS, contact [email protected] or call (844) 203-3960.


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