Givelify’s Relaunch Celebrates the World’s Most Generous Digital Giving Community

Learn More About the Brand’s New Identity and What’s Next

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Givelify, the most trusted digital giving platform, announced its relaunch. A commitment to giving more to Givelify’s generous and active community inspired the move.

Since its founding in 2013, Givelify’s app, along with its powerful donation management system has become the fastest growing technology for advancing generosity in the world — instantly connecting people to their heart’s impulse to do good. Today, Givelify’s global community of “givers” includes more than one million generous people, many from Black, Latino and rural communities around the world. The collective generosity of these consistent givers has led to nearly $3 billion in donations across more than 55,000 organizations, including churches and places of worship, as well as a variety of other non-profit causes. The community’s passion for giving has also made Givelify the most downloaded giving app on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Givelify’s giving community proved how despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19, technology can amplify generosity and deliver much needed resources. In fact, per Givelify, 55 percent of donors remained consistent or increased their online giving amounts in 2020, while 81 percent of faith organizations saw an increase in online and mobile donations during the pandemic. More organizations turned to Givelify to accept digital donations and embraced technology to further their mission.

“Today, we celebrate our guiding light, those that give from their hearts,” said Givelify founder and CEO Wale Mafolasire. “If not for this community, there would be no Givelify. In a world that can feel isolating, the Givelify community reminds us that giving brings us together. Those that give on our platform and the organizations and ‘faith responders’ they helped fuel during the pandemic are a particularly poignant example of the power of our community during the darkest of times.”

From Bootstrapped to Generosity Movement

Mafolasire started Givelify as a bootstrapped company, funded by several friends after being turned down by several traditional venture capitalists and angel investors. Givelify grew into a diverse community of content, technology and data innovators worldwide. It remains a minority-owned company that believes its strength is in embracing each team member’s individual perspectives and differences.

Givelify’s new brand identity is informed by its giving community. Throughout the process, insights gleaned from extensive conversations with the community were infused into every design choice, ranging from the new logo to the images and color palette chosen to reflect the spirit of the brand’s passionate and sincere community leading a generosity movement.

As Mafolasire explains, “Givelify’s new logo leads with the simple and powerful symbol of a heart. The intent is to affirm the good that lives in all of us no matter where we live, no matter our life experience, no matter our faith, no matter our ethnicity or culture and in our desire to practice kindness and generosity.”

Vice President of Design & Innovation JW Kim adds, “We hope everyone that experiences our brand will see and feel what is crystal clear to us — a diverse, caring and devoted Givelify community. We want people that connect with our brand to think about how much better a world driven by generosity is for all of us.”

Givelify’s website is also updated to reflect the new identity and offer visitors more resources.

New Givelify Insights and Solutions

Givelify’s launch will also showcase the latest solutions the Givelify community has access to as well as what’s in store. This reveal supports their commitment to providing award-winning products and experiences to instantly connect people and organizations.

Hari Krishna, vice president of technology, said, “Everything we create is designed to help foster more ways to connect and give. From innovations to new features, our giving community is at the center of it all.”

This quarter, complementing the Givelify launch, those that use the Givelify app to donate will be able to access:

  • Trending Causes — a feature that helps users react and give quickly when crises or trending causes call givers to action, ranging from disaster relief to local fundraising needs.
  • New features that enable givers to match and exceed their generosity, including Giving Reminders and a new goal setting option.

Collectively, these solutions allow those that give to more easily turn good intentions into generous actions.

Organizations that use the Givelify platform to receive donations will also benefit from access to enhancements the brand has made to its Analytics Studio. The Givelify Analytics Studio provides organizations with the insights they need to understand donations and communicate as effectively as possible with their supporters. The enhancements support Givelify’s commitment to expand organizations’ financial means to further their missions and do more good. Its Analytics Studio does this by providing those organizations with the knowledge and insights needed to supercharge generosity to their mission.

“I could not be more proud of this moment in time and our community,” said Mafolasire. “It is humbling to recognize that our initial belief that people’s innate desire to do good would drive more generosity was an underestimate. What our community has taught us is if you eliminate the obstacles that separate our hearts from our actions, giving becomes the natural norm.”

Givelify asks its community of givers to stay tuned for future events that celebrate the meaningful, generous contributions they make every day.

About Givelify

Givelify is the most trusted online and mobile giving platform. Along with its powerful donation management system, it’s the fastest growing technology for advancing generosity in the world. We instantly connect people to their heart’s impulse to do good with award-winning products and experiences. A global community of more than one million generous people support their favorite churches, places of worship, nonprofits and causes with nearly $3 billion in donations across more than 55,000 organizations. Givelify leads all giving apps on the App Store and Google Play Store with more than 90,000 verified authentic reviews with an average 4.9 out of 5-star rating. Learn more at


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