getAbstract Offers Free Student Access to 18,000 Book Summaries

the world’s largest library of compressed knowledge, is now offering
free access to its online library to students over the age of 16.
Students will have access to a growing database of 18,000 abstracts
covering topics such as career planning, economics, business,
management, science, technology and politics.

Starting February 5, students 16 and older can register on the
getAbstract website and receive free access to approximately 18,000
summaries of business books, business articles and TED talks.
getAbstract is also available as a mobile app on iOS and Android
platforms. Eligible students can sign up for free via this link:

getAbstract’s mission is to spark enthusiasm for knowledge at an early
age and to actively promote the personal development of future decision
makers. Millions of students across America will gain access to the
getAbstract library. There are over 37,000 public and private secondary
schools, according to the U.S. Department of Education, with about 3.6
million students expected to graduate from high school in 2018-2019.
Nearly 20 million students are projected to attend American colleges and
universities in fall 2018. (1)

“We want to provide access to knowledge that will help people grow
personally and professionally. The internet makes it easy for people to
express their opinion and make themselves heard. We have set ourselves
to the task of selecting, evaluating and summarizing fact-based and
relevant content from which future generations can learn,” says Thomas
Bergen, co-founder and CEO of getAbstract.

With the new “channels” feature adapting the look and feel of social
media, getAbstract can now be used as a social network for knowledge.
Users can follow the channels they want and receive content that
reflects their personal interests. In addition, users can share them
with others.

“Time is precious, and we never seem to get enough of it,” explains
Patrick Brigger, co-founder and chairman of getAbstract. “Readers no
longer have the patience to fact check content and go through a tedious
knowledge acquisition process. Meanwhile, the amount of knowledge we
need to advance in our career and personal life is ever increasing.
getAbstract has found an efficient and simple solution to this common

About getAbstract
getAbstract believes in progress through
knowledge. Since its foundation in 1999, the company’s mission has been
to give people the knowledge they need to make better decisions in
business and in their private lives. At its core, getAbstract finds,
rates and summarizes the top business books, articles and video talks
into 10-minute abstracts. Today, the company is the world’s leading
provider of compressed knowledge.

getAbstract offers more than 18,000 text and audio summaries in areas
such as business, leadership, finance, innovation and science. The
company has already sold over 15 million licenses and supports its users
in their personal and professional development. Many of the world’s
largest companies, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100,
offer their employees access to getAbstract. For more information,
please visit

(1) Source: “Fast Facts, Back to school statistics,” National Center for
Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education.


Ashley Schulte
Witz Communications for getAbstract

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