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OnMail Now Available, Giving Away Free Custom Domains to Make Your Own Email Address Your Permanent Digital Identity

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Edison Software, creator of the award-winning Edison Mail #1 independent email app on the App Store used by millions of consumers, today announced the public beta release of OnMail, a brand new independent email service offering you full control over your inbox. OnMail reflects more than 20 years of learnings about what email should look like in today’s world: you choose who can enter your inbox, what mail address reflects your identity, and how your mailbox is structured. Anti-tracking technology is built into OnMail to stop invasive ad targeting efforts.

OnMail is simple, exceptionally fast, and available in four plans built for every level of use — including a free Personal account and three subscription-based plans for Freelance, Professional, and Business use. Service plans include free, paid monthly, and paid annual account plans that are flexibly priced for every type of user based on their mailbox needs.

Access to OnMail’s free Personal plan is currently being rolled out in waves to those who sign up for an invite at, with priority based on place in the waiting list that started in April. Access to OnMail’s paid Freelance plan or above are available for purchase and immediate use.

Key Features of OnMail:

++Accept Sender – A revolutionary new Permission Control feature invented by Edison empowers you to accept or block email senders before they enter your mailbox. Never worry about unwanted mail senders in your inbox again. Unsubscribe and Block Sender functionality is also built into the service to help you easily keep out the spam and solicitors.

++Free Custom Domain included1 – Select a custom domain to ensure your email address actually matches your identity, and leaves the impression you want for your digital presence. Never worry about switching email addresses again across service platforms, create your permanent digital identity in your name or brand. OnMail drastically improves and simplifies the complex process of acquiring a custom domain — eliminating the need to shop and purchase from a third party domain provider, hire IT help to set up a variety of technical protocols, or develop an actual website. Any length of characters is supported for your custom domain based email addresses. OnMail delivers your functioning email address at your custom domain in one click, in a few minutes. *Available only for Freelance, Professional, & Business plans.

++Anti-Tracking Technology – Automatically block all read receipts from ad targeters attempting to monitor your email behavior — an invasive and pervasive effort from overly aggressive ad-based businesses and marketers. Images are not disabled so there is never an interruption to your email experience.

++Large Attachments – Keep sharing your big ideas, plans start with up to 100MB file size limit for attachments and scale up to as much as 5GB, which is 200x more than what is currently offered by other popular email services. You can even add password protection for individual files and attachments for sensitive content. OnMail eliminates the need to pay for third party file sharing services, so you never need to leave your mailbox to send the file you want again.

++Split Inbox – Nobody organizes their inbox the same. Now you can create several customizable inboxes you designate for important messages, to see what matters to you most, faster.​

++Search – Search the way you look for things- naturally. Enhanced with natural language recognition to quickly and easily find the last email you sent, details about your contact, and all the documents you have sent–without multiple search queries.​

++AI-Based Assistant – Edison’s flagship assistant technology is built into OnMail. Help to follow up on emails you have not received a response to or replied to is included with an automatic Nudge. Automatically categorize important details like Travel, Package Tracking, and Bills & Receipts. Price Tracking, Smart Replies, and Anti-Spam functionality are also included.

++Email Storage – Never worry about running out of room, plans start with up to 10GB of free storage and scale up to 1TB.

For a complete list of all plans, features and pricing, visit OnMail’s Features & Pricing Overview.

“Every aspect of email that our Edison team has worked on for the past decade has led us to the creation of OnMail. We’ve worked tirelessly toward our mission of bringing happiness back to using email, and this is an email service that reflects that effort,” said Mikael Berner, CEO at Edison Software. “Email has scaled beyond its original design, and OnMail is made to be what email should look and feel like in today’s world.”

Email Has Scaled Beyond Its Original Design

In 2020, spam accounts for 54% of email traffic, 85% of the U.S. email market is captured by only three email services (Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo!), leaving little choice for consumers, and the number of email users will reach 4 billion worldwide — with most unable to get an email address they actually want. Furthermore, with 69% of consumers saying what they want most from brands is control over email frequency and 74% saying they are overwhelmed by email overload, the email services offered today have become obsolete.

OnMail has been engineered to solve the core areas of email that are broken. User control has been taken away from consumers, and anyone can jam hundreds of messages into your inbox and do it freely. Ad targeting has grown into an invasive norm in email as marketers frequently deploy trackers to detect when, and possibly even where you are if you open their email. Individualism, a concept that has suffered as email service domain addresses have proven to be a limited and finite resource, with most identifiers that actually represent your identity unavailable. And simplicity, one of the most overlooked yet fundamental aspects of a positive email experience today, has given way to overly complicated actions in the inbox.

OnMail is safeguarded by multiple layers of security, including user specific encryption keys built with powerful algorithms. OnMail data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. OnMail users can Opt-In to share de-identified ecommerce data with Edison for its aggregated research-backed business model.


OnMail can be used with any internet browser, and is compatible for use with the Edison Mail app for iOS, Android and Mac (with OnMail key feature support coming by end of 2020). OnMail mobile apps will be coming in early 2021.


Download images of OnMail here.

Download an OnMail walkthrough video here.

Read the OnMail Blog here.

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Read about Edison’s Privacy Commitments:

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1 Free Custom Domains: All standard custom domains are included with paid OnMail plans. Premium custom domains may incur an additional charge.


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