GE HealthCare Announces New Innovations and Collaborations in Image Guided Therapy as part of TCT2023 Cardiology Care Pathway Showcase

  •  New technologies in interventional cardiology further enhance the company’s comprehensive portfolio of cardiology solutions across the full continuum of care – including the next generation of image-guided systems Allia IGS Pulse for cardiac imaging; new capabilities for seamless, multi-modality integration with INTERACT Touch; and new tools for augmented imaging including 3D Stent.
  • As part of efforts to build a robust ecosystem around the Allia platform, the first third party application to be made available with INTERACT Touch is AVVIGO+™ Multi-Modality Guidance System from Boston Scientific.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC) will showcase some of the latest innovations designed to help clinicians in the treatment of cardiovascular disease at the 2023 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference (TCT) which will take place October 23-26 in San Francisco, CA.

In modern healthcare today, cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to grow in prevalence, with CVDs continuing to be the leading cause of death globally.1 As clinicians work to treat CVD, cardiology procedures continue to evolve as demand for minimally invasive surgery grows.2

This year at TCT, the company will feature a connected care pathway experience in interventional cardiology that demonstrates enhancements designed to optimize workflows, unlock efficiencies, increase collaboration, and drive better patient outcomes in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

The next generation of image-guided systems designed for cardiac imaging

Allia IGS Pulse was designed to improve workflow for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in interventional cardiology. As part of its new image chain, the system features the first monopolar x-ray tube used for interventional procedures which helps provide exceptional image quality and optimized dose management regardless of patient size – including large and bariatric patients with a BMI of greater than 30.

Building on the recent 510(k) clearance of the Allia IGS Pulse system, GE HealthCare will introduce new technologies and solutions at TCT2023 designed to further transform the capabilities of this platform, as well as image guided therapy in cardiology care.

Providing interventional cardiologists freedom of choice with multi-modality interaction

INTERACT Touch is the latest feature to be added to the Allia platform providing clinicians with the freedom to access third party devices3 and the ability to control up to three different third-party devices through one single touch panel without breaking the sterile environment. Through the integrated touch panel, clinicians are provided instantaneous access to the necessary technologies and information needed during the procedure for a seamless workflow that helps clinicians remain focused on patient care.

As the company works to build a robust ecosystem around the Allia platform, the first third party application to be made available with INTERACT Touch is the AVVIGO+™ Multi-Modality Guidance System from Boston Scientific.4 The AVVIGO+ system integrated with the Allia Imaging System with INTERACT Touch gives clinicians multimodality control in just one click. Together, the technologies combine the strengths of GE HealthCare’s Auto Right cockpit for automatic image quality and dose optimization and the automated lesion assessment capability of the AVVIGO+ system to help optimize workflow for clinicians performing complex intravascular imaging and physiology procedures.

“As we work to evolve our core Allia platform, we continue to look for ways to reduce complexity and improve the operating environment,” says Philip D. Rackliffe – President & CEO for Image Guided Therapy at GE HealthCare. “With today’s practice of interventional cardiology requiring flexibility and adaptability, INTERACT Touch provides a seamless interface to enable access to technologies that can transform patient care. Our collaboration with Boston Scientific helps to bring this new ecosystem, rooted on the Allia platform, to life and will provide clinicians with access to innovative technology, multi-modality control and a seamless workflow experience – all with the touch of a button.”

New tools for augmented imaging

3D Stent5 is one of GE HealthCare’s latest tools available on the Allia system designed to provide clinicians with intuitive three-dimensional (3D) images for stent visualization without the need for additional contrast, device or cost.

In today’s practice of interventional cardiology, stents are often used to treat narrowed coronary arteries and keep passageways open that provide oxygen-rich blood to the heart. During stenting procedures, achieving optimal stent expansion is associated with significantly improved long-term clinical outcomes, while stent under expansion has been identified as a strong predictor of major adverse outcomes.6

With 3D Stent, clinicians now have an intraprocedural tool that leverages CMCT7 imaging for 3D reconstruction of the coronary stent. The image is acquired through an automated rotation of the C-arm, providing both 3D and multi-slice images to allow clinicians to see the stent from all angles and get the information needed – including area and diameter measurements – during the procedure with one single acquisition and without inserting any additional devices.

“For the first time we have a detailed depiction of the stent during the procedure without the use of intracoronary imaging,” says Dr. Carlos Collet8 an Interventional Cardiologist at CV center Aalst in Belgium. “With 3DStent, you get 3D reconstruction of the stent, including at the cross-sectional level, which is crucial to helping us understand if there are areas of potential under expansion. As a clinician, this technology can truly help us perform an optimal procedure – it’s intuitive to analyze and literally takes 10 seconds to understand what we are seeing.”

In addition to 3D Stent, solutions like the OmnifyXR Interventional Suite9 from MediView further expand the 3D capabilities of GE HealthCare’s image guided systems through an interventional augmented reality solution. The OmnifyXR solution allows the user the ability to simultaneously display up to four customized holographic projections of live imaging to help improve ergonomics regardless of working position. The user can also display 3D volume images in augmented reality for improved anatomy visualization to help clinicians better assess complex anatomies and inform clinical decision making. The solution also features remote collaboration, enabling clinicians to partner from a distance, train, proctor and facilitate collaborative care from the viewpoint of the clinician.

Enhanced service for image-guided systems

Tube Watch is now available for interventional image-guided solutions. The solution is designed to remotely monitor and predict X-ray generation component failure, including the tube, to help prevent failures before any disruption occurs – converting potential unplanned downtime into planned events.

Elevating cath lab workflow

The Mac-Lab hemodynamic recording system bridges the gap between a Cath Lab’s clinical and IT to help optimize workflow, productivity and throughput. From the moment patients are admitted, through diagnosis, treatment, and billing, Mac-Lab provides efficient information integration to help support clinical throughput in high-speed, high-volume labs.

Enabling rapid assessment of cardiac and vascular patients with ultrasound

In addition to the company’s interventional cardiology showcase at TCT2023, GE HealthCare will also feature the recently launched Vscan Air SL – a wireless handheld ultrasound device for rapid assessments of cardiac and vascular patients. The portable, wireless Vscan Air SL is designed to enable clinicians to efficiently collect and view crystal clear cardiac and vascular images at the point of care. With a dual-headed probe, the Vscan Air SL offers a sector array and a linear array on a single device which is ideal for switching between focused cardiac assessments and vascular assessments right at the point of care – both inside and outside of the hospital. By streamlining these workflows and avoiding overloading traditional radiology resources, clinicians can expedite care decisions to help patients receive treatment plans right away when time is of the essence.

To learn more about GE HealthCare this year at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2023 conference (TCT) click here.

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3 within compatible systems

4 Not available for sale in all countries.

5 3DStent solution includes Allia system, 3DXR and Volume Viewer Innova, and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer. These applications are sold separately. Not available for sale in all countries.

6 Lee YJ, et al. Impact of Intravascular Ultrasound–Guided Optimal Stent Expansion on 3-Year Hard Clinical Outcomes. Circ Cardiovasc Interv. 2021;14:e011124. DOI: 10.1161/CIRCINTE RVENTIONS.121.011124

7 CMCT: C-arm Motion compensated Computed Tomography

8 Dr. Collet is a paid consultant for GEHC. The statement described here is based on his own opinion related to offline image reviews from a product prototype. Results may vary.

9 This product offering is not available in all markets. Please contact your sales rep for more details.


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